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What is divine command?

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divine command is command given by God

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What is the English translation for the Japanese word Kamui?

'Kamui' could be translated as meaning a 'divine command', or 'divine will', the will of the gods, etc.

Can the divine command theory be accepted by atheist as a definition of morality?

No. The premise of the divine command theory is that morality is given to us by a divine entity, meaning some sort of god or gods. Atheists do not believe in the existence of any gods and therefore cannot believe that such beings are the source of morality.

How are natural law and divine command theory of ethics related?

google it.. you should find something

What does the Latin word Divine Fiat in Theology mean?

"Divine fiat" is the creative command of God, from the Latin word fiat, "let there be," used by God to create the universe in the Latin version of the Book of Genesis.

What is the divine command theory that believes God deems which acts are morally right or wrong called Is it divine fiat divine intervention divine understanding or revelatory theology?

It depends on the person and what they believe but one person will deny that God is real and another will tell you he is but neither one knows for sure for one has faith and will not see while the other sees but has no faith.

What does divine mean to Catholics?

It means Gods love reaching down to meet the needs and overcome the miseries of his creaturesRoman Catholic AnswerDivine is an adjective used to refer to God, it is used in many ways: Divine AttributesDivine DecreeDivine ElectionDivine EssenceDivine FaithDivine FriendshipDivine GloryDivine IdeasDivine ImmancenceDivine JudgmentDivine JusticeDivine LawDivine LoveDivine MercyDivine MissionDivine NotionDivine OfficeDivine OperationDivine PlanDivine PraisesDivine ProcessionDivine PropertyDivine RelationsDivine Right of KingsDivine TouchesDivine Will

Why do Jews get married?

For the same reasons as everyone else, but especially in order to fulfill the Divine command of being fruitful and multiplying (Genesis ch.9).

How might it be possible and it certainly is for a person who is an atheist or an agnostic to live by yet another version of the Divine Command Theory?

I think you need to clarify what you mean by "yet another version of the Divine Command Theory". As I understand the DCT, it is the idea that morality comes from a divine commandment - implying that if god commands something, then it must be good. This leads to some difficulties for philosphers - for example, mass murderer, Peter Sutcliffe, claimed that god had told him to kill prostitutes; yet few people would claim he was doing good.

Buddhist relationship with the divine?

There is no"divine" in Buddhism. Therefore there is no relation with the "divine"

What has the author B Dobel written?

B. Dobel has written: 'Baptism a divine command, as such obligatory on every penitent believer who would profess the Christian religion, ... By B. Dobel'

Use the word divine in a sentence?

This cup of tea is jolly divine.It was divine intervention.She looks pleasantly divine today.

The church is both human and divine?

The church is not divine. It worships and serves the divine.

Is divine the correct spelling?

Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.Divine is correct. There is a surname called Devine.

How do you us divine in a sentence?

She prayed for divine intervention. The angel food cake was divine. Divine and angelic were words that described Delia and Angela. He thought that her perfume smelled divine.

What is divine approbation?

divine approval

Is divine an adjective?

Yes, it can be (divine intervention, divine decadence). Originally the term divine meant of or from God or gods. It has also come to mean exquisitely tasty, e.g. a divine dessert.

Was Augustine one the many persons whose daily life was inspired by the Bible?

In a word, yes. Although throughout his writings the theme of fear of service and divine command abound.

What is the name devin?

Devin means fawn, poet, divine, divine and divine one.

What is a sentence for divine?

The chocolate cake was absolutely divine. Love is part of the divine nature.

How divine command theory preserves god good status?

Divine commandment does not make one god more good. The divine command will not be good by default, simply because it is spoken (or written) by a god. (Presumably the god of the bible.) God is not good by default for simply being himself. He would have to be shown to be good and not evil before you can even consider if the commandments given are good. To preserve God's good status, you would first have to assume that he was even good in the first place. If you are considering the bible of the old testament, then clearly God should absolutely not be considered the shining example of good.

What is the divine being?

Stevieis the divine being

What is the meaning of rhythm divine?

rhythm divine

Are cats divine?

To Egyptians they are considered to be divine

What is the proper spelling for Divine Devine?


How do you say divine in korean?

신성한 = divine