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What your boyfriend does to you at night.

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Q: What is domestic violence and abuse?
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Is verbal abuse domestic violence?

Yes. Traditionally, Domestic Violence Advocates acknowledge: Verbal Abuse Financial Abuse Psychological Abuse Physical Abuse and Spiritual Abuse I am sure there are more, but the acts of violence will generally fall under one of these subheadings.

Is domestic violence caused by substance abuse?

Most domestic violence are caused by substance abuse. Such as alcohol, and drugs. In most cases people tend to be abuse when they under the influence of these substance.

Define domestic violence?

Its violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against woman

What are other names for Domestic Violence?

There is not really a one-word name for Domestic Abuse but it can be called Household Abuse also

How long do you go to jail for domestic violence?

6 to 10 years for child abuse and 9 to 12 years for domestic violence

What is a thesis statement about domestic violence?

A thesis statement about domestic violence would state that the domestic violence is defined as abuse between people in an intimate relationship. This includes people that are dating or married.

How many different types of violence is there?

Domestic, assault, murder, child abuse, elder abuse, manslaughter.

What is a common form of abuse where the abuser tries to keep the abused from family and friends?

domestic abuse or violence

Is domestic violence different from animal cruelty?

Yes. Domestic violence refers to abuse of humans within the home (to spouses or childen, for example), while animal cruelty refers to the abuse of animals anywhere.

Is my boyfriend abusive?

See the attached link for information on Domestic Violence and Abuse

What can domestic violence invlclude?

Violence is anything that hurts in relationship. It includes verbal abuse, beatings, maltreatment and so on

How long has domestic violence been in society?

Domestic violence is as old as humanity. Incidents of domestic violence appear in all the great classics - from the Bible to Homer's Odyssey. It seems that to abuse the weak and the intimate comes to us naturally.

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