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What is dual channel memory?

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It is a technology that theoretically doubles data throughput from the memory to the

memory controller.

The motherboard has memory slots and if not using all four slots, then they must be placed in a certain configuration for it to use dual channels.

Your motherboard manual has the configuration of memory and slot placement

for this to work.

If running dual, it is best to buy memory that is designed as a pair or a set

to get the most efficiency, it usually says, dual channel kit.

2010-02-02 03:15:31
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Q: What is dual channel memory?
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What is the difference between 2GB dual channel ddr2 sdram and 3GB dual channel ddr2 sdram?

1 GB. Note that there is no such thing as dual channel memory, although computer stores may sell it as that. The dual channel feature is a function of the memory controller. You need two matching memory modules in order for dual channel to work.

Will triple channel RAM work in a dual channel RAM slot?

Yes, it will. If you want to use dual channel advantages you have to install the memory in pairs.

A DIMM that contain memory chips in two memory banks on the module is said to be?

Dual Channel

What is dual channeling?

Dual-channel architecture requires a dual-channel-capable motherboard and two or more DDR, DDR2 SDRAM, or DDR3 SDRAM memory modules. The memory modules are installed into matching banks, which are usually color-coded on the motherboard.

How muck memory is 1gb dual channel ddr2 sdram?

about 42 farts

What does Shared Dual Channel mean?

This type of memory provides two paths (called channels) to access the memory

What type of memory treats two matching modules as a single unit?


What memory ram for GigaByte GA-945GM-S2 Motherboard?

# 4 DDR II DIMM memory slots (supports up to 4GB memory) # Supports 1.8V DDR II DIMM # Supports dual channel DDR II 667/533 DIMM # DDR2 PC5300/PC4200 # 512MB or 1GB Modules # Install like memory in each channel for Dual Channel operation # If only 2 DIMMS installed, place in same channel (slot color) for Dual Channel, if installed in adjacent slots, memory will run in single mode.

How much memory does 1gb dual channel ddr2 sdram have?

it will still be 1gb. Dual channel can be defined as 2 RAM sticks that can be somehow virtually made in to "1" ram module and will be working as 1 whole module.

What is Intel Flex Memory Access?

Intel® Flex Memory Access facilitates easier upgrades by allowing different memory sizes to be populated and remain in dual-channel mode.

What if your motherboard supports dual channeling and you have two slots used in chanel a you want to install an additional 512mb of ram which will run faster 256mb of 512mb dimm?

In order to take advantage of the Dual Channel option on your motherboard, you will need a matched pair of memory. If you only install one stick of 512 MB memory, you will have to turn off the Dual Channel capabilities on your motherboard. If you install a matched pair of 256 MB memory, you can keep Dual Channel enabled. I would recommend buying at least 2x512 MB if not 2x1 GB of memory. Prices for 2x256 MB may be very expensive compared to 2x1 GB.

What is the performance difference between 2GB dual channel DDR2 sdram at 667MHz and at 800MHz?

2GB dual channel DDR2 SDRAM memory at 800 MHz performs faster than the same memory at 667 MHz. The two setups however hold same maximum amount of data - 2GB.

What is the dual process?

Dual channel process can use

What are standard module?

RIMM: Rambhous Inline Memory ModuleSIMM: Single Inline Memory ModuleDIMM: Dual Inline Memory ModuleDDRDIMM: Dual Data Rate Dual Inline Memory Module

What types of memory can you use for a intelD955XCS?

You can use 240-pin DDR2 667MHZ. And this mother board supports dual channel.Hope this helps.

How good is 4096 MB dual channel DDR3 2x2048 memory manufactured by dell?

Very good, worth about R600 - R700 new

You have kingstone 512x2mb 400mhz ddr ram now you want to buy 1gb ram of same frequency and brand if you put these 512x2mb 1gb ram. can you got dual channel or better performance?

In order for Dual-Channel to work, you have to have same amount of RAM on both memory slots. So if you put 512 in Slot 0 and 1024 in slot 1, Dual Channel will not work.

How does dual channeling effectively double the speed of memory?

Dual channeling effectively double the speed of memory by providing extra access channels to the CPU's memory controller. Dual channeling requires memory modules of the same size and frequency.

What is the difference between dual channel ddr2 sdram at 667mhz and dual channel ddr2 sdram at 800mhz?

The difference is speed

Is the DDR3 tri-channel memory for both AMD and Intel motherboards or is the tri-channel memory just for Intel motherboard?

Tri-channel is only supported by Intel at the moment, and I'm not sure if AMD has any plans to support it in the future. AMD motherboards will accept ddr3, assuming you have and am3 socket motherboard, but will only work in single or dual channel.

How much ram memory can you put on a dell OptiPlex gx520?

It has 2 DIMM slots Non-ECC dual channel shared2 DDR2 SDRAM system memory (400 and 533Mhz) up to 2GB maximum.

How much memory does a dell inspiron 1501 have?

It has 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB of shared dual channel PC-4200 DDR2 SDRAM

What is faster two 256 MB modules or one 512 MB module?

Question: Which is faster, two 256 MB modules or one 512 MB module? Answer: it depends. If your system's motherboard, chipset, BIOS and CPU support something called "dual channel", then the answer is: two 256 MB modules. Dual channel mode hypothetically permits double the bandwidth relative to single channel by widening the memory address path from 64 bits to 128 bits. In the real world, this equates to a memory throughput increase of roughly 10 to 20% - not double, but still significant. Keep these things in mind for future expansion/upgrading: 1.) If you want to upgrade to 1 GB, *AND* 2.), your system has dual channel, *AND* 3.), your system has only two memory sockets on the motherboard (as so many systems these day often do), then you'll have to toss the two 256 MB modules of memory and get two matched 512 MB modules. A single 1 GB module may work in your system, but you will not get dual channel. If you want to upgrade to 4 GB, and your motherboard has only two memory sockets, keep in mind that 2 GB memory modules are extremely rare (except for more modern DDR2 and DDR3 types of memory), and they usually don't work in most systems anyway. In other words, if your system supports dual channel, always install memory modules in matched pairs, up to the maximum your system permits (again, check your owner's manual). If your system has four memory sockets, and you want 1 GB of memory total, then you're fine. Just fill all the sockets with identical 256 MB modules for 1 GB total, and you'll still get the benefits of dual channel. If your system doesn't support dual channel memory addressing, then the answer is: neither is faster. In this instance, you'd probably be better off getting the one 512 MB module, because it would free up another memory socket on the motherboard for future expansion (provided, of course, that another socket exists, and that the system will permit more than 512MB of memory).

How does Dual channeling effectively doubles the speed of memory by?

Dual channeling effectively doubles the speed of memory by using double the wires for the memory bus. This doubles the available bandwidth,

What is 2GB dual shared channel?