What is dynasty warriors 5?

Dynasty Warriors is a cool game based on the period of the Warring States of China. It depicts the situation in a Chinese book that talks about war during this period: 三国演义.

Basically, you choose a character from the different countries during the period of Warring States of China. Then, you choose generals, items, weapons and animals to ride on(elephant and horse)(remember that you won't have any animals or items to use at first). You will fight the enemy according to the storyline of the book that was mentioned. To win, you will have to use your character to kill the leader of the country/colony. Throughout the game, you will receive new animals to ride on, new weapons and new generals to play with.

This game is developed by a gaming company named KOEI and can be played on the PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, DS or computer.