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Q: What is earth's atmosphere like a green house?
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How is the earths atmosphere like a green house?

Yes, in a way, though the two things are not exactly the same. Heat is retained in a greenhouse because there is no way for the hot air to get past the barrier of the glass or plastic walls. Heat is retained in the earth's atmosphere by the greenhouse gases which are part of the atmosphere. These warm and the whole atmosphere warms. There is no physical barrier holding in the heat, and in fact, some of the heat radiates off out into space.

Why does earths atmosphere trap energy from the sun?

The atmosphere traps energy from the sun because in our atmosphere are greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. These three-atom gases absorb the heat rising from the earth's surface.

Why is the troposphere cold?

hi,this is because you leave the earths atmosphere and usaly from earth once you leave the earth in the atmosphere it gets very cold.this must happen from the opposite from the sun so its like this.

Why are earths atmosphere oceans and rocks arranged in layers?

beacause the atmosphere has excaping oxogen and as a resault it gets thiner and thiner rocks form like that beacause they pile on top of each other and compress

Is greenhouse effect also part of the atmosphere?

The green house effect is a not a part of atmosphere, but it is an effect which is produced in the atmosphere due to airpollution. The gases such as CO and other inert gases serves as an jacket layer which reflects the heat waves again in to earth which leads to increase in temprature and leads to several problems like seasonal variations and melting of icebergs in the polar reagions

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How greenhouse effect affects global warming?

The green house effect is called that because the earths atmosphere is acting like a green house. The pollutant gases in the earth's atmosphere trap the sun's heat around the earth just like in a green house where the glass traps the heat in the glass house. This trapped heat raises the overall temp of the earth this is called global warming.

Does mercury have an atmosphere that is very similar to earth's atmosphere?

mercury has no atmosphere which means it is nothing like earths.

Is green house affect an influence of global warming?

Yes it is global warming is a green house affect because the atmosphere will suck in heat and keep that heat in like a green house will keep all the heat in and won't let that heat out.

What is earths atmospere like?

The atmosphere is a invisable line across the Earth.

Is krypton a gas in earths atmosphere?

Yes. Superman doesn't like it.

What keep things warm?

if you mean in the earth like why doesnt space make us cold its 2 things the atmosphere and the green house effect the green house effect is well like the green house it captures heat and keeps it in earth and the atmosphere is a thin layer of gases surrounding the earth formed my volcanoes and other things it keeps in water oxygen we need to live and the ozone in it keeps out harmful rays

What was the atmosphere like in the house in kensuke's kingdom?

What was the atmosphere live in the house in kensuke's kingdom

How are gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide like the glass windows of a green house?

They are not exactly like the glass in a greenhouse, but they have the same effect. Greenhouse gases hold the heat in the atmosphere without letting it escape into space.

Is earths atmosphere in space?

Yes. It is in space just like the whole planet Earth.

What was Earths atmosphere before photosynthesis?

It was like a cow in water, and a dove giving birth...

What does it feel like when a space shuttle break through earths atmosphere?

it feels good

Why are green house gases causing a problem?

Green House gases work by allowing the Sun's rays into the atmosphere, but don't let them back out. Green-house gases are gases like CO2, Methane and other traces of elements. A small amount is necessary to control the warmth of the overall planet, but if we get to much green-house gas, the planet could begin to warm, which it is. If this is due to green-house gases or not, there is much controversy to the matter.