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Q: What is edible can be?
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Are butterflyfish edible?

no it is not edible

Is Shorea edible?

No, it is not edible.

What is the difference between edible and non edible part of plant?


Is edible glitter really edible?

Yes it is said that edible glitter is edible but if i was buying it i would never eat it because it not might be edible and have something you are allergic to(if you have allergies).

What is the smallest edible nut?

Soy is actually the smallest edible nut. The largest edible nut in the entire world that is edible is the cocoa nut.

Is pure hydrogen edible?

No hydrogen is not edible. Because of its freezing tempratures, It can not be edible.

What is the difference between edible and non edible seeds?

The definition of edible is fit to be eaten. The seeds inside blackberries are edible, the seeds of the yew tree is non edible (poisonous).

Is the shorea fruit edible?

no it is not edible

Is balsam fruit edible?

they are not edible.

Is sodium edible?

No, sodium is not edible

Is marigold edible?

is marigold edible

Is that dog edible?

No, dogs are not edible

Is fermium edible?

Fermium is not edible !!

Are cantaloupe sprouts edible?

They are not edible!

Is fluorite edible?

Fluorite is not edible.

Is Epsom salt edible or non-edible?

Epsom salt is used as medicine but I think that is not correct to be considered as an edible salt.

Are elephants edible?

yes just like all animals are edible, elephants are edible.

Is reed edible?

The reed is not edible, but some species of reed have edible tuberous roots.

What are the edible bases?

limewater is an edible base!!!

Are puffballs edible?

yes, puffballs are edible

Are mountain lions edible?

Yes they are edible.

Are Japanese blueberries edible?

Is your mom edible?

Is an apple seed edible?

Yes, it is edible.

Are spadefish edible?

Are caribbean spadefish edible

Is lotus edible?

Lotus seeds are edible.