What is effective personality?

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It deals with success,goals and so on...................

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What is declarative memory

About how many different pieces of information can a person hold in working memory at one time

What is the capacity of the long-term memory system

What term is used to describe the process the mind goes through to change data input from the senses to a form the brain can use

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Q: What is effective personality?
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Discuss personality on effective oral communication?

discuss personality

Is neurofeedback effective in treating borderline personality disorder?

Neurofeedback is effective in treating emotional overarousal, which is part of the symptomotology of Borderline Personality Disorder; however, there is no research to suggest that neurofeedback is effective at extinguishing the diagnosis.

How would you describe an effective personality?

funny and serous and brave

What are the techniques in improving personality development?

One technique in improving personality development is to practice effective communication. Another technique to improve personality development is to be a better listener.

Best medication for anger with borderline personality disorder?

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder have intense, unstable close adults with this disorder have highly changeable moods and intense anger, treatments are partially effective for Borderline Personality Disorder.

How to be an effective secretary?

To be an effective secretary one should possess a tough personality. Tough personality means, he or she is able to withstand multiple task assigned by his boss, have a great memory for things, not sensitive to the criticism of his boss and others. Added to this one should also be updated with the latest gadgets and its use, and most of all computer literate.

How do you deal with Paranoid Personality Disorder?

The most effective way to deal with Paranoid Personality Disorder is to undergo therapy. This type of mental illness is very hard to treat though as there is not much research about it since most people will not go to the doctor about it.

What are some effective diet plans?

The most effective diet plan is one that you can actually stick to. At this link,, you can check out various diet plans and compare them directly to see which one fits your personality and needs.

Is there medication to cure sociopath?

At present sociopathy and its similar cousins, narcissism, asocial personality disorder and psychopathy, have no notably effective treatment, either chemical or otherwise.

Why human body is the favorite subject of sculpture?

because human body has close relation with its surroundings, the significance of its personality is presented in a more effective and powerful manner.

Is a vivacious personality a vicious personality?

No! A vivacious personality is a lively, vibrant personality. A vicious personality is a cruel, malevolent personality.

9 What kind of personality do you work best with and why?

An effective employee will demonstrate the ability to work with most all types of personalities. At an interview state that you can adapt to work with anyone.

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