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Q: What is eggplant's family?
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What plant family are Eggplants in?

They are in the eggplant family

Why does amir plant eggplants in seedfolks?

Because his family loves eggplants so he plants it for them to eat

When are eggplants in season?

Eggplants are in season July through October. They are members of the Nightshade family and are also called melongene, garden egg or guinea squash.

Are eggplants legumes?

what are eggplants

To what plant family does sweet peppers belong?

solanum, same as tomatoes tabaco and eggplants

What is the plural of eggplant?

The plural of eggplant is eggplants As in "the eggplants are growing".

Why Amir choose to plant eggplants?

Because everybody in his family likes it and he likes to eat it with casserole and goulash.

Are eggplants vegetabels?

No. Eggplants are fruits. In fact, they are berries (a type of fruit).

What did the character amir from the book Seedfolks plant?

eggplants,Onions,carrots and eggplants.

Can eating eggplants make you sleepy?

No that is only a myth. Eggplants are healthy for people.

Are unripe eggplants poisonous?

Eggplants carry a small level of solanine, which is poisonous in large doses. The younger eggplants carry the highest doses of solanine. Only use very ripe eggplants to reduce consuming high levels of solanine.

What is the color of eggplants?


Are eggplants a fruit?


Where did eggplants originate?


What are eggplants good for?


Are Eggplants a Vegetable?


What did amir plant?


What bugs are eating your eggplants?

my d

What plants are on mount Olympus?


Are eggplants fruit or vegetables?


How many eggplants in a pound?


What part of the plant does an eggplant come from?

Eggplants are the fruit of the eggplant plant. The plant develops flowers and the flowers later develop into the eggplants.

How do you freeze eggplants?

Put it in the freezzer you bitc*

What is the plural word form of eggplant?


What eats a Madagascar owl?

green eggplants