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solanum, same as tomatoes tabaco and eggplants

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Q: To what plant family does sweet peppers belong?
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What plant family does the pineapple belong to?

the pineapple is part of the fruit family because of its sweet sugary juice it has insideand its sweet meat

Why did Gonzalo plant sweet peppers in seedfolks?


What is the family name for chili?

Chili peppers are in the botanical family Solanaceae. As are all other peppers, like bell peppers, sweet peppers, and ghost peppers. And deadly nightshade, potatoes, tomatoes, and tobacco, for that matter. It's a big family.

Are sweet potato a potato?

Definitely not, because potatoes are modified stems and sweet potaoes develop from roots. Both plants belong to differen plant familes. Potato belongs to Solanaceae and sweet potato to the family Convolvulaceae.

Are sweet peppers a vegetable?

Sweet peppers are regarded as a vegetable by cooks, and as a fruit by botanists.

Where did sweet peppers originate?

Sweet peppers are native to tropical areas of the Western Hemisphere.

Are sweet peppers are actually sweet?

yeah they are!

Why are my Sweet Banana Peppers turning purple just the fruit not the plant?

i have the same problem i cant figure out why

What are dried sweet pepper flakes?

In the U.S. the term sweet pepper covers a wide variety of mild peppers that, like the chile, belong to the capsicum family. The best known sweet peppers are bell peppers, named for their bell-like shape. They have a mild, sweet flavor and crisp juicy flesh. When young most bell peppers are a rich, bright green, but there are also yellow, orange, purple, red and brown bell peppers. Red bell peppers are green bell peppers that have ripened longer and are very sweet. The red heart-shaped pimiento is another popular sweet pepper. Pimientos are the familiar red stuffing found in green olives. Other sweet pepper varieties include cachucha, European sweet, bull horn (thin, curved and green); Cubanelle (long, tapered, yellow to red); and sweet banana pepper (long, yellow, banana-shaped). The dried sweet pepper flakes can be purchased at many places online.

Can you eat gypsy peppers?

Gypsy peppers are an edible sweet pepper.

Are pimienta peppers hot peppers?

Yes they would be considered a hot pepper.Correction:Pimienta's are sweet peppers and rate a "negligible" on the Scoville scale of pepper hotness. They're the same as sweet green peppers in this.

Is sweet banana pepper a annual plant?

Sweet banana peppers are annuals. They must be grown new each year. Garden Harvest Supply is a good source for sweet banana pepper plants.

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