What is emerging media?

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The current trend in media that has come as a result of user/customer becoming more involved in the products and services by having a platform to communicate with the world about it, sharing their experience with each other and discussing over issues of society, raising their voice against the wrong is known as emerging media. This includes mobile phones, latest apps, social networking sites, online shopping, smartphones, disruptive technologies, word-of-mouth marketing, telematics, location-based services integrated marketing, etc.

What is the emergency managers role for media relations is to?

Ensure plans for this function are in place and up-to-date. Explanation: The E.M. may or may not be the assigned Public Information Officer (PIO) and therefore would not make

What advantages do traditional media have over emerging media and vice versa?

Do your own schoolwork and stopping posting the questions for your on line classes to have other people do your work! Get a life and get real, loser! Yeah I hear what you a

Who makes all contacts with the media in emergency management?

A comprehensive emergency management program or business continuity plan should include a sound crisis communications component. Accordingly, a spokesperson (and an alternate

What advantages that emerging media have over traditional media?

Although traditional media has it's own advantages the appeal of current and emerging online media is taking the business world by storm. The early adopters of online marke

How does traditional media have an advantage over emerging media?

Well rieple's law says that new media won't replace the old ones but change them. so what happens to the newspaper right now for example is that they become more and more like

Does traditional media have an advantage over emerging media?

Traditional media is still an effective way of communication. However, by integrating social media into your strategy, you can get better results and reach a wider audience. S

What is the most useful advantage of social media in emergency management?

Sometimes there comes a situation when anunexpected incident takes place. Suppose, in your city, due toheavy rainfall particular roads are jammed because of traffic, andyou wa