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What is emotional abuse?


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Continuous insults, demands and harassment towards a partner with the intent to erode that person's self esteem. It may take place only in private, or it may be done publicly to increase the victim's humiliation. The victim is told, either directly or in various ways, that they cannot manage--their appearance, their sexuality, their finances, their emotions, their entire life. Abuse often occurs with the victim being isolated from family and friends, as to where they perceive their abuser as their only source of "support". The abuse may at times alternate with expressions of love and affection, only to reoccur again and again. When confronted with their behavior, the abuser tends to become angry and blame the victim for the abuser's behavior. The emotional abuser allows the victim no criticism or input into what goes on in the relationship.

  • Emotional abuse is when someone is calling another names; telling them constantly they will never make anything of themselves or no one will want them and just basically putting them down at every chance the emotional abuser gets. The victim of the abuse will lose their confidence; eventually believe what their emotional abuser is saying and often the victim will become depressed and remain extremely quiet in most social situations.

emotinal abuse is the calling names, ignoring, or saying mean things to the child like "i would have gotten an abortion if i was aloud" or "why didnt i give you up for adoption when i had the chance"

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Emotional abuse occurs when one person subjects another to behavior and interactions that can cause mental and emotional trauma. Often, it results in chronic anxiety, depression, and related disorders, and can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Bullying is a form of emotional abuse, and can occur in children's relationships as well as in adult intimate and work relationships. Emotional abusers often use intimidation tactics, preying on their victim's fears to enforce submission.