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Emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmail is an expression of a different emotion than expected, unless demands are met. It is something that NO ONE WHO REALLY LOVES would do. It can be something someone USES against you (such as s/he may say you are mentally ill, crazy, etc.) and it CAN work if s/he has fooled people into thinking s/he is the "good" one.

Often it involves having no emotions at all during interaction with the person who is being emotionally blackmailed but normal relationship with others.

It is when a person uses the emotions and any insecurities of another person to manipulate.

Manipulators choose to look misery just to trap the victim to surrender to their wishes. Generally, the victim will be an empathetic and kind person in most of the emotional blackmail cases.

There is complete dissociation between movements and emotions of the blackmailer.

Emotional blackmail is supposed to be worse than physical abuse because in physical abuse the victim gets immediate social and legal support.

By providing the material needs of the victim he/ she can prove with material evidence that the emotional blackmail is totally imaginary and he/ she is being falsely accused. Thus, the victim may not get social or legal support.

Example 1:

"If you dont do what I want, I'll kill myself." Any threat that by it's nature is intended to cause guilt or other emotional trauma if you do not comply.

Example 2:

The abuser may, out of the blue, say things like "Yes, when one door closes, another opens, or yes I think I will take that job in another province/state."

This kind of comments, when not even related to the conversation at hand, can leave you full of fear that you're about to be dumped. The abusers motive, is not to dump you but to leave you at their mercy of their decision, their will, their force, all the things they don't want you to have.

They will do so many manipulative head trips to get you down to a level suitable to them.

What you can do to be safe from emotional blackmail:

Take your time, try to be away from such manipulators, heal yourself with your own will-power or by taking suggestions from your friends or follow the advice of a counsellor, then move on, and you will look back and think good riddance to bad garbage. Life is too short and abusers are weak and miserable people.

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Q: What is emotional blackmail?
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