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Life in Saudi Arabia...


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people in Saudi Arabia are very friendlyand kind.

If you are in Saudi Arabia you can buy games like GTA 5 and have them shipped to your country.

Petroleum is a major source of money for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia does have a high per capita income, however poverty does exist in the country.

Saudi Arabia is a myth like Atlantis Source: CIA Factbook

Saudi Arabia is a country in the middle east located on the Arabian peninsula. So Saudi Arabia is the country and Arabia is just the peninsula. Sort of like how America is located on the continent of North America (and no, Arabia is NOT a continent)

Houses in Saudi Arabia are very simple. These houses are typically made out of clay and are not very fancy.

Saudi Arabia like other countries, was greatly effected by the Great Depression. Tourism plummeted in Saudi Arabia during the Great Depression and that brought less income into the economy.

it is very hot in the summer.Also it usually never rains in saudia Arabia

It is extremely hot in Saudi Arabia - Il est extrêmement chaud en Arabie Saoudite.

it is like a desert land

You can cook just about anything you'd like, provided it does not have pork or alcohol as those two substances are illegal in Saudi Arabia.

There is no gold in the ground in Saudi Arabia, but you can buy gold in shops (just like you can in any other country). Oftentimes, petroleum, which is the main natural resource of Saudi Arabia, is called "liquid gold" because of the wealth that it has created.

In countries in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia.

Every country has what distinguishes it from other countries. The United States and Saudi Arabia are big countries. They have an international influence in politics and the economy. The United states has unique things , also Saudi Arabia has too. There are a lot of differences between the United States and Saudi Arabia ; however there are few similarities between them. one obvious difference is the religion. The only religion is Islam in Saudi Arabia, in contrast the United states has many religions. The second main difference is immigration . In the United Stats , there are a lot of immigrants , on the other hand no one in Saudi Arabia. There are millions of immigrants in the United States because of immigration accepted in the United States and its systems, protect the rights of immigrants, while there is no system of immigration in Saudi Arabia. Main income in Saudi Arabia is the oil , because Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil while the main income in the United States is from many sources. National income in the United States of industry and businesses. Education in Saudi Arabia differs from American education. We come from Saudi Arabia to the United Stated because the United States has the best education in the world. Cost of living in Saudi Arabia is unlike cost of living in the United States. The costs in Saudi Arabia is cheaper than costs of live in the United States. There isn't tax in Saudi Arabia , while the United Stated has tax. Despite these differences, but that there are similarities between the United Stated and SaudiArabia. Both Saudi Arabia and the United States are support other countries. Saudi Arabia and the United States fight terrorism. Saudi Arabia and the United States have suffered from terrorist attacks. Saudi Arabia has good security and good economy just as the United States. Both Saudi Arabia and the United States have deserts and seas. Both Saudi Arabia and the United States are the largest and most powerful influence in their region. Although the distances between the United States and Saudi Arabia but there are strong relations between them. There a lot of differences and similarities between them. Differences and similarities between the two countries is not very big, but in the field of education. Comparison does not seem fair because the United States founded by three hundred years, while Saudi Arabia has not only founded a hundred years ago.I like Saudi Arabia and the United States and I hope that my country will become like the United States.

Saudi Arabia, like the United States is a Capitalist Economy but the government does interfere with economy to regulate it. This is just like in USA where this happens in many incidents like FDR's New Deal

There are several ways to read this question:1) What countries in Saudi Arabia are most remote from Islam? -- This is a nonsense question since Saudi Arabia is a country and has no other countries within it. Saudi Arabia is also an Islamic State and has a peculiar requirement that nobody can be a citizen of Saudi Arabia unless he is Muslim.2) What country/region is most remote from Saudi Arabia? -- The antipode of Saudi Arabia is in the South Pacific, near French Polynesia.3) What country is most remote from Islam? -- There are a few countries with almost no Muslims, like Iceland and Bolivia.4) What country practices the most divergent form of Islam from what is practiced in Saudi Arabia? -- Iran and it is the only Muslim-majority country which has consistently criticized Saudi Wahhabi Islam.

No, they are Arabs. And if you paid a bit of an effort and looked to a map you would've found that India, where Indians come from, is like thousands of miles away from Saudi Arabia. However, there are a large number (millions) of Indian, Pakistani, and Bengali guestworkers living in Saudi Arabia.

Like here only the rich ones are.

sad enough to say, Saudi people are one of the most racist people in the would

A country like Bahrain does have less oil and a lower GDP per capita than a country like Saudi Arabia because oil is a precious mineral. The standard of living in Bahrain because it does not do a lot of importing like Saudi Arabia.

Resources, unfortunately are not balanced between all countries. Some countries, like Saudi Arabia are lucky to have large oil fields. Other countries, like Japan, are almost devoid of minerals and products. Additionally, most Saudi oil is in the northeast, close to Kuwait and Qatar as opposed to being in the southwest where Saudi Arabia borders Yemen.

it was dry and desert like a very long time ago. i think.

middle east like Saudi Arabia Jordan

That's like asking why did Christianity start in Jerusalem?

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