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What is excutor of the will mean?

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The executor of a will is the person responsible for making sure the desires of the will are carried out. They are responsible for paying off the debts and distributing the assets. They also have to pay taxes and file the appropriate reports with the probate court.

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FWhat is excutor of will mean?

The executor of the will is the person assigned to make sure everything is done according to the writing of the will.

How to find the executor of will?

How do I find out if the excutor of the will is distrubting the money as the will states.

If no will who becomes excutor?

The court will appoint an executor if there is no will. The family can request a specific person be appointed if there is no problems. Otherwise a bank or an attorney will be appointed. They will be paid by the estate.

Can a funeral home keep the cost of a loved one from family members that are not the excutor?

thy can keep the information from anyone who did not pay for the funeral. If your not the executor nor the person who paid, then they can.

Are verbal rental agreements between the deceased trustor and excutor of the will still valid?

Most states have statutes that say that any tenancy is terminated upon the death of either party.

Is there a time limit in Alabama for an excutor to settle an estate?

There is no specific time frame for Alabama. However long it takes to cover all of the parts of the will, inventory assets and pay off debts.

Can an excutor of a will tell someone What is in the will before its told to everyone?

Yes. Although that's a good sign they may be ill-suited for the task. Remember that the executor has no authority as an executor until they have been appointed by the court and the will has been allowed.

What is the feminine gender of executive?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female, such as male and female.The noun 'executive' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.

Husband has died and you are the excutor of his estate you want to add your name to the mortgage loan?

I can't think of any reason why you would. You can always just make the payments. If the payments are made, the mortgage company probably won't even blink.

If the daughter of the decease has power of attorney and is the excutor of the will does the will have go to probate?

The POA expired when the principal died. If the decedent owned any property at death then the estate must be probated in order for title to pass to the heirs. The executor named in the will must be appointed by the court.

Do you need both a power of attorney and excutor of estate paper?

No. To handle an estate you need letters testamentary from the probate court.No. To handle an estate you need letters testamentary from the probate court.No. To handle an estate you need letters testamentary from the probate court.No. To handle an estate you need letters testamentary from the probate court.

Is there a way an only child can become the excutor of the father's estate without probate in California and nobody will talk about his affairs without a court order?

No, in order be executor, you must have a probate court order. Banks and other individuals must have the court papers in order to reveal any information. It should be pretty straight forward and the court house can provide the appropriate forms for you, but a propate attorney can be a big help.

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Would it be rude to ask my parents if I am receiving an inheritance from a grandparent?

Actually, yes, that would be rude, especially if your grandparent is still alive. If you decide to ask anyway, you need to do it delicately, and I don't know of any way to approach that subject delicately. Unless your grandparent has a Will, everything will most likely be divided between your mother or father (whichever is the offspring of the deceased grandparent) and his or her brothers and sisters. If there is a Will and your grandparent did name you to receive anything, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Will will be followed, so if you think you might be named to receive something, you need to find out as soon as possible after your grandparent's death and then let the executor and court know that you want to be informed of everything the excutor does BEFORE it is done, and you need to do it in writing. Wills mean absolutely nothing unless the executor follows them, at least not in my county in Indiana. I can't help but comment, though, unless you are very close to your grandparent, why would you think he or she would be leaving you anything when your parents are still alive? Deb

Your aunt left CD's in your name the excutor has put the CD's into the estate should you received the full value of the CD or taxes will be taken out?

Unless your aunt instructed in her Will that the CDs were to be left to you then you are at the mercy of the executor. The executor must be accountable for paying any outstanding debts that person may have and any bills. Then after that is done they will have to go through Probate for the Estate so they can determine if all personal/property taxes are paid as well as all creditors being paid. This can take up to 8 months to a year. It may be that is what the Executor is doing and this doesn't mean you won't get the CDs. If that is your aunts wishes and it's stated in the Will or you have a legal document with a date and her signature on it and states the CDs go to you then you have a right to the CDs and the Executor can get into trouble for not complying to the wishes of your aunt's Will. Marcy

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