What is explicit?

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What are examples of something explicit?

explicit instructions; an explicit act of violence; explicit language.He was quite explicit as to what he expected us to do for him."generalizations that are powerful, precise, and explicit"

What is static explicit in c?

My guess is variable declaration, more correctly:static int explicit;...explicit= 12;printf ("explicit is %d\n", explicit);

What are explicit messages?

The word explicit is often used in the sense of sexually explicit.

What does explicit mean in tagalog?

explicit in Tagalog:maliwanag

What are facts about the word explicit?

explicit * showing something very clearly or graphically (often used in reference to explicit violence or sex) * expressed in a very clear way, ie. explicit instructions or be explicit about what you want

What is an explicit theme?

An explicit theme is usually stated outright by a character in the play. (APEX)

What is an explicit signal?

Explicit Signals are directly stated

What is the definition of explicit attitudes?

An explicit attitude is a conscious behavior. For example, whether or not you like math is an explicit attitude.

What is an explicit paragraph?

explicit paragraph is the opposite of implicit paragraph

When was Explicit Ills created?

Explicit Ills was created in 2008.

What is a sentence using the word explicit?

They were explicit in their criticisms of the plan. Explicit nudity or sexual activity is normally classed as pornography.

What is explicit material?

Content not deemed suitable for minors.---In this sort of context explicit means sexually explicit.Also graphic would be considered explicit, like graphic violence, or language.

Sentence for explicit?

There is no confusion. Orders are very explicit.

What is the root of the word explicit?

'Explicit' is a Latin word meaning 'he, she, or it explains'.

Why hypothesis always explicit?

no hypothesis is explicit because it is just a guess ~.~

What are more analytical and explicit in giving information to the reader than poetry?


What are explicit verbs?

Explicit verbs are verbs which are unambiguous and leave no doubt as to what they mean.

When was Explicit Game created?

Explicit Game was created on 1994-09-06.

What is an Explicit music video?

An explicit music video is one with swearing and/or nudity.

What is the meaning of User Super Explicit?

The meaning of User:Super Explicit is "That Is Super Unique"

How do you use a sentence with explicit?

I gave explicit instructions to my aide for your schedule, today.

What is the difference between implicit and explicit?

explicit is clearly stated and implicit is not clearly stated

What is the difference between explicit and implicit?

Explicit is clearly stated and implicit is not clearly stated.

What is an explicit question?

Something which has no room for confusion. Example: I will ask you only explicit questions.

How do you use the word explicit in a sentence?

If you want an employee to do a certain task in a very specific way, you must give them very explicit instructions. The rap song was very explicit in its use of sexual terms. I gave my mother explicit instructions to wake me up at 7 AM. The doctor left me explicit instructions on how to operate the autoclave.

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