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extension in a relation is set of tuples appearing in relation at any given instance .

it varies with time .it changes tuple are created ,destroyed and update

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Q: What is extension and intension in dbms?
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What is intension in dbms?

It is a constant value that gives the name, structure of table and the constraints laid on it.

Wt i meaning of a malafied intension?

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Whats the meaning of malafied intension?

Means bad intension eg illegal

What do extension and intentions of relations mean in dbms?

ExtensionThe extension of a given relation is the set of tuples appearing in that relation at any given instance. The extension thus varies with time. It changes as tuples are created, destroyed, and updated.

Difference between database schema and a database state in dbms?

The distinction between database schema and database state is very important. When we define a new database, we specify its database schema only to the DBMS. At this point, the corresponding database state is the empty state with no data. We get the initial state of the database when the database is first populated or loaded with the initial data. From then on, every time an update operation is applied to the database, we get another database state. At any point in time, the database has a current state. The DBMS is partly responsible for ensuring that every state of the database is a valid state-that is, a state that satisfies the structure and constraints specified in the schema. The DBMS stores the descriptions of the schema constructs and constraints-also called the meta-data-in the DBMS catalog so that DBMS software can refer to the schema whenever it needs to. The schema is sometimes called the intension, and a database state an extension of the schema.

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What is the extension of memory file in DBMS?

Database Management Systems, or DBMS, are software applications specially designed to interact with the user and other applications, as well as the database itself, to analyze data. All files in a software have file name extensions to identify their file types. For memory files .mem is the file name extension.

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