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What is factory horsepower of kawasaki zx6r?


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not sure on horsepower but stock speed in 165-170 mph top

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How do you tighten chain on 1995 kawasaki ninja zx6r

Most likely under the seat.

The firing order for the 2001 Kawasaki ZX6R is 1, 2, 3, 4. This is a 4 cylinder engine with no distributor.

100k + if you maintain it, mine has 46k and is still strong.

Minimum is 9,7bar.after that will run poor on low rpm.

im told the frames will fit from 1999 thru 2002

Use motorcycle specific oil and the bike will take almost 4 US quarts

ZX is the designation that Kawasaki uses for Super Sport bikes. The 6 stands for the 600cc engine. The R is for Race.

The Kawasaki Kx125 is a model of Kawasaki motorcycles. It has a six gear transmission and a single cylinder, 40 horsepower engine.

anything before '09 DOT 4 (newer models may use DOT 5)

Use motorcycle oil 4 stroke semi or full synthetic 10w40 Grade SE, SF, SG or JASO MA or JASO MA2 with the 2001 Kawasaki ZX6R. Never use automotive oils or 2 stroke motorcycle oils as these do not provide enough protection for the wet clutch or engine.

The horsepower of a 1985 Ninja 600 is 75 Max

if you are new to motorcycles, start with a Ninja 250R or 500, if you think you can handle it, you can start with a ZX6R

The Kawasaki Prairie 360 4x4 has 15.7 kw/ or about 21 hp. I wish I had one

420 horsepower. i have one and i got it up to 195 on the highway

270 horsepower was the factory rating

From the factory, it was available in ratings from 350 to 525 horsepower.

From the factory it was rated at 400 horsepower.

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