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a racing 2stroke dirt bike

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Q: What is faster a pitbike or a dirt bike?
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Is a 49cc pitbike street legal?

no a 49cc pitbike bike is not street legal you have to have a licence to drive a motorcycle onn the road. and if your driving a dirt bike on the road it has to be an on/off road

Is a kawasaki 110 dirt bike faster then a suzuki 80 dirt bike?

The 80 is faster and better no questions asked!

Which is faster a two stroke dirt bike or a four stroke dirt bike?

Two strokes can accelerate faster but it depends on engine size

What is the difference between a trail dirt bike and motocross dirt bike?

motor cross is faster

Is a dirt bike faster than a trailbike?

yes. you mean is a race bike faster then a trail bike. ya all racebikes are faster

Can you turn a 50cc pitbike into a 125cc pit bike with a malossi kit?

no i cant turn a 50cc pitbike into a 125cc pit bike the bike will blow up .

How can you make your 70cc baja dirt bike faster?

A 70 cc Baja dirt bike can be made faster by installing bolt-on engine options. The intake and exhaust systems are the most basic upgrades and can quickly raise power making the bike faster.

Which is faster an ATV or a dirt bike?

dirtbikes are faster, atvs have a lot more weight that the engine has to pull. Dirt bikes are way faster.

Which bike can beat a Ferrari?

a monster pitbike

What is faster a horse or a dirt bike?

both because with a horse it would depend that if it has been trained like for a race but on a average horse then a dirt bike if faster but see with a dirt bike it depends on the type of engine it has because if the engine is beat up the yes 100% would the horse beat it but if it was a good engine the yes the dirt bike would win but on average it would probably turn out to be the dirt bike would win.

How do you make an electric dirt bike go faster?

To make an electric dirt bike go faster it is simplest to buy a motor that can support a bigger battery and then get a bigger battery. Now you should lighten it. Also, don't be cheap, buy a dirt bike with a gasoline or diesel engine.

Is a go cart faster than a dirt bike?

According to my calculations a go cart is not faster than a dirt bike. Ive had my experiences.

70cc Baja Motorsports Dirt Runner Dirt Bike faster?

because it is as fit as a flea

Can high pressure make a dirt bike faster?


How do you make a Honda 100xr dirt bike faster?

You don't.

What dirt bike is faster cr yz kx?


Is a Yamaha 250 dirt bike faster then a kx 250?


What goes faster KX 85 dirt bike or KX 100 dirt bike?

kx 100 is faster on bottom end speed kx 85 is faster on top end speed so they are about equal to some extent. ;)

Is luke miller or cole zollars faster on a dirt bike?

luke miller is way faster

What reason was the dirt bike made?

so people could get around faster. Mostly. But some people started to ride the motorized vehicles in dirt and racing their friends. Thus the name Dirt Bike was created. so the dirt bike was made to work and play.

How do you turn on a dirt bike?

Just like you do on a bicycle only faster.

Does a dirt bike go faster if you take off the exhaust?


Which dirt bike is faster 125 xr Honda or a 200 xr Honda?

The 200xr is faster by far

How to get a 107cc dirt bike go faster?

bore it out to how ever much you want it to be

Does a fmf powercore exhaust pipe make a dirt bike go faster?