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field coils generally refer to the electromagnetic coils on the stator ( the stationary part of an electric motor ). these generate the magnetic field(s) necessary to put the rotor ( the rotating part of the motor ) into motion.
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How does the section of iron coil influence the magnetic field?

Answer . Do you maybe mean an 'iron core?' If so, an iron core strenghthens the magnetic field significantly.. If the coils are wound closer together the fluxlines are more dense and increase the strength of the field slightly (an iron core strengthens the field by allowing the magnetic field to ( Full Answer )

What is a coil?

Answer . it convers 12 volts into 50,000 volts . Coil in electronics means wire wrap around some media the get different uses in applications. The above answer only pertains to coil on a car I suppose It is part of the ignition system. in older cars, it is a single unit that is about the size of a ( Full Answer )

A coil of wire connected to a galvanometer When the coil is rotated in a magnetic field the galvanometer records a current The current results because?

The creation of electric current in a conductor moving in a magnetic field was discovered by Faraday in about 1825, but he didn't know why it happened. Fundamentally, it is due to the attraction/repulsion between the magnetic field and the free electrons in the conductor, so that when the conductor ( Full Answer )

Why doesnt a field coil in a DC shunt motor lead to short ciruit when it is a fact that an INDUCTOR is a short circuit to DC?

Yes, an inductor is a short circuit to dc...that's true....IF the inductor is an ideal one, that is, the inductor has no resistance but has inductance only.. Anything in real world, as you know, is not ideal. An inductor is usually made of a copper wire. A copper wire has its own resistance. If an ( Full Answer )

What happens when a coil of wire cuts through a magnetic field?

If the magnetic field is fluctuating, or the coil of wire and magnetic field are moving with respect to each other, then a current is induced in the coil of wire. If the two are stationary and the magnetic field is stable, then no current is induced in the coil. However, if there is a current in ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate the magnetic field strength in a coil?

Magnetic field strength in a coil can be measured from the equation :-F=I*B*L\nWhere,\nf=magnitude of Lorentz Force\nI=Current Flowing Through the Coil\nL=Length of the wire\nTHE UNIT MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH IS 'TESLA' or Weber per metre sq.

Why there is an induce current in a coil when a coil is compressed in a magnetic field?

compressing a coil in a magnetic field means that there is arelative movement of the the said coil existing in a magneticfield, hence current will be induced. induction law. Another Answer 'Current' is not induced into a coil. It's voltage that's induced; if the coil forms a closed loop, t ( Full Answer )

Why are measurements of the magnetic field inside a rectangular coil not taken very close to the wires?

Self-answering. Most instruments for measure are made of metal, pherous or not, and would thereby be subject to the magnetic pull at present (as would any digital devices). Additionally, the rectangular nature of the coil would mean that there would be a concentration of magnetic force in the ( Full Answer )

Is magnetic field strength directly proportional to the coil or the current?

The strength of a magnetic field won't be directly proportional to the turns in the coil. It is more correct to say that field strength is directly proportional to current through the windings of the coil. There are some "limiting factors" that will not allow this to be a hard and fast rule, but ( Full Answer )

What is Magnetic field on the axis of a current carring circular coil?

A current circulating in a hollow copper coil (solenoid) produces a magnetic field equal to the permeability times the turns density times the current. B = μ x n x I * B is the magnetic field measured in Tesla * μ is the relative permeability of the solenoid's core which is air in this ( Full Answer )

Coil of wire that when carrying an electric current produces a magnetic field?

Your question is unclear. If you are asking whether it produces a magnetic field, then yes it does. If you are asking what the coil is called, then it depends on the function of that coil -it could be a solenoid; it could be a transformer winding; it could be a generator's field winding; etc. You ( Full Answer )

What are current coil and pressure coil?

These terms apply to the coils inside a wattmeter . 'Pressure coil' is an archaic term for 'voltage coil', which is connected in parallel with the supply, while the 'current coil' is connected in series with the load.

What happens to the magnetic field in an electromagnet when current though the coil is reversed?

The magnetic field in an electromagnet is created in the core of that device by the movement of current through the coil of wire around the core. For the electromagnet to be effective, the current must be moving in one direction only. If the current is reversed rapidly back and forth (like if AC is ( Full Answer )

How does a field coil speaker work?

A: A speaker has a magnet and the wire is suspended in a zone by a cone whereby +/- current will make the coil move up or down moving the coil and moving the cone causing air displacement as waves of pressure that our ears can detect as sounds in our brains.

What is current coil and voltage coil?

The current coil is one through which the current of source can pass. This coil is connected in series. The voltage coil is connected parallel to the applied voltage. In the current coil the quantity of current flowing is proportional to the current flowing in load while in the voltage coil, current ( Full Answer )

What is a device that produces an electric current by rotating a coil of wire in a magnetic field?

A generator or alternator. If the magnetic field is permanent, the current produced from the coil will be alternating current. AC. Alternators usually work the other way round. The magnet is spun inside a coil of wire. The power is taken off from the stator. The rotor is an electromagnet, fed ( Full Answer )

Does electric currents cause coils in magnetic fields to move?

yes, electric feilds do cause the magnetic feilds in the coils, this was first observed by Hans Oersted in 1819. He showed that when an electric current was passed theough a wire a nearby compass needle showed a deflection, this prooves that an electric feild causes an magnetic feild.

What would increase magnetic field around a coil?

The strength of a magnetic field produced by a current carrying wire increases proportionately with the current through the wire, and it dies off as the distance from the wire decreases. To increase the magnetic field around a coil you would either increase the current running through it (by incr ( Full Answer )

How do you show the magnetic field produced by a coil?

Magnetic fields are produced by electric currents , which can be macroscopic currents in wires and that The easiest way would be to increase the current flow. After that use thicker wire for the coil

Can a silver coil make a magnetic field?

It is the flow of ELECTRICITY that makes the field in a coil.Therefore a coil of any conductor will make a field. Silver is aconductor.