What is finlays WWE entrance called?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Q: What is finlays WWE entrance called?
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What is finlays weapon?

It's called a shillelagh

What is wwe randy ortons entrance theme called?

Randy Orton's current entrance theme is called 'Voices'

What is finlay's entrance music?

His entrance theme is called "Lambeg" which is available on WWE: The Music Volume 7.

What is the WWE Smackdown entrance theme song called?

If you Rock like me

What was WWE kelly kelly's first entrance song called?


Whats Jeff hardys entrance song called?

in wwe it was called no more words in tna it was called modest

What is the band that sings Jeff Hardy's entrance song in WWE?

His song currently in wwe now is by endeverafter and is called no more words.

What is WWE entrance song for gold dust?

Its called "Gold-Lust by Jim Johnston..

Who sings WWE lita's entrance song?

band called the boy hit car

How do you call out hornswagle in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

Press RT And Y And He Will Come Out From Under The Ring And Give You Finlays Wierd Weapon.

Where can you listen to WWE entrence songs?

you can listen 2 wwe entrance themes on youtube, by typing wwe entrance themes or on

Who sings CM Punks entrance song in the WWE?

The entrance song for CM Punk is called, This Fire Burns, and is sung by Killswitch Engage.