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Fluorine is a nonmetal.


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Uranium is a metal, rather than a nonmetal, or metalloid.

AnswerSemi-metal And a metalloid.

Phosphorous trichloride (PCl3) is a chemical compound; no metal, nonmetal or metalloid.

It is technically a metal, but is half of metal and metalloid.

Is molybdenum a metal nonmetal or a metalloid

A metalloid, or semi-metal, has properties of a metal and a nonmetal.

Carbon is a nonmetal but can sometimes be classified as a metalloid. It is really just a nonmetal.

No, fluorine is a non-metal.

Chlorine is a nonmetal. Do you think they put metal in swimming pool water?

There is no known "sulfur metal". Sulfur is a nonmetal element, but in compounds with more electronegative nonmetals, such as oxygen, fluorine, and chlorine, sulfur can have a positive oxidation state.

Oxygen is neither metal nor metalloid. It is a nonmetal

None of the above. Thiamin is a compound and the terms metal, nonmetal and metalloid apply to elements.

Neptunium beryllide (NpBe3) is a solid chemical compound (not metal, nonmetal or metalloid).

Metal: Sodium Nonmetal: Carbon Metalloid: Germanium

This depends on the chemical reaction involved. The most reactive metal is francium, the most reactive non metal is fluorine.

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