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What is foliage?

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A sentence for foliage?

it is a foliage in here or foliage is a freaky but cool word

Latin word for foliage?


What is a sentence that has a simple noun using the word 'foliage' as a noun?

kids never clear the Foliage. foliage must be cleaned.

What is a sentence for FOLIAGE?

I can see someone hiding in the foliage.The vole nests within the foliage.

What is foliage leaves?

They are leaves which are foliage. LOL

How do you spell foliage?

The correct spelling is 'foliage'.

What is riparian foliage?

Foliage on or along a river bank.

What is an example of a simple sentence that uses the word 'foliage'?

Jack couldn't see Jill as she was hidden by the foliage.

What is a summary of the poem Sea of foliage?

summary of sea of foliage

Can you write a sentence using the word foliage?

i was foliage in the army

What is cut foliage?

It is a term used by florists. Cut foliage means the same as cut flowers only it's foliage.

Antonym of foliage?

an antonymn for foliage could be leafage you dumb retards

A sentence for the word foliage?

That plant has lots of nice colorful foliage

How is foliage used in a sentence?

There's a rabbit hiding behind that foliage.

What is the dense foliage in the Amazon rainforest called?

The foliage in the Amazon is known as "The Canopy."

What is foliage like?

Foliage is just basically plants.

Use foliage in a sentence?

Foliage is a term that refers to leaves or building ornamentation. An example sentence would be: The foliage grows very thick near the pond.

Can you make a sentence using the word foliage?

The blue jay was hidden in the tree's foliage.

Why do some of my tulips only come up as foliage?

Foliage is like plants, trees, etc.

How do use the word foliage in a sentence?

The swift monkey was quickly hidden in the foliage of the vast jungle.

How would you use foliage in a sentence?

Foliage turns colors in most northern US areas during the fall. The tree foliage was so thick I couldn't see the path.

What is decorative foliage?

Many plants are chosen for their "foliage" or leaves, rather than the flowers. When you have a plant with decorative foliage, it means that the leaves are interesting. Some have different colors, spots, stripes, texture.

Foliage in a circle?


Is there a base word for foliage?

No there is not.

Do foliage and knowledge rhyme?


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