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When many organs work together in co-ordination, an organ system is formed. examples are digestive system, circulatory system, etc.


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The body has 64 organs in

ABOUT 8 ORGANS ARE IN YOUR BODY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cell is a single unit of organism. when many cells form together, tissues are formed. so when loads of tisssues come together, organs are formed. and when organs work with other things in our body, a system is formed.....:))

There are 22 internal organs in a human body.

it is believed that there are 78 organs in the human body!

There are 78 organs in the human body.

Many organs working together form an organ system.

there are 72 organs in the human body !!!!!! i hope this helps you answer your question

The difference between cells, tissues, organs, and body systems are that many cells make tissues, many tissues make organs, and many organs make body systems.

there are 90 vestigial organs in human body

There are many organs in the body. They include heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, brain, nerves, muscles, bones and many more.

There are many different internal organs with many different functions but they basically keep the body functioning properly. The external organs' main job is to protect the body.

Tuberculosis can infect many organs in the body; it is not confined to the lungs.

The vagus nerves supply many organs in the ventral body cavity. They have a very significant role in the function of the body.

22 (internal organs) if your thinking in more depths, there are actually well over 1000 organs in the human body though. :)

there are 5 major sense organs in the human body--sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch

Organs and tissues are needed for a great many things. These organs and tissues help make the body function properly.

The importance of the reproductive organs in the body is that they allow you to create life. Many people want children and the reproductive organs help you to do that.

Yes, a sponge has a very big body cavity and there are many organs inside its body cavity

The lumbar spine controls many parts of your body. The spine has numerous nerve connections to all the organs in your body. If your lumbar spine is damaged it can harm different organs.

Your rib cage protects many of your organs and your skeleton keeps up your whole body without it you will fall to the ground and damage your organs

Each bone is an organ and there are 206 bones in the body so 206 organs in the skeletal system.

The answer is obvious. Many of the organs transplanted are organs that people cannot live without. These organs are transplanted from people who have passed on and left it their will to transplant certain organs from their body.

its probably many but search on wikepedia

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