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What is gaslighting that Narcissists do?

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2010-06-30 20:52:39

"Gaslighting" is a nifty little manipulation trick that

narcissists use to confuse you. This one I felt was particularly

"fascinating." For example, my ex used to insist I said or did

something that I didn't, but he left it open enough for me to

question myself at the time..."Did I really..?" He did this so

subtly that I really did doubt myself at times. Things would turn

up missing. (I am convinced now that he was stealing from, prescription pills...etc) Sometimes stupid little

things would disappear, like my toothbrush! (How in the hell do you

misplace your TOOTHbrush...?) Well, he was creating a smoke screen

of sorts so he could lie to me and manipulate me further. He would

say, "See, you even lost your freakin' toothbrush. No WONDER you

can't find the $20 bill you left on the counter. "GASLIGHTING" my


"Question" id="Question">Question

Is it just a way of provoking you?

That's one part of it. It also keeps you off balance and

questioning yourself.

You lose confidence in yourself and that allows him to feel like

he's in control.

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