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What is george Washington's Party affiliation?

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Washington wasn't affiliated with any political party; he actually believed that the existence of political parties would tear the country apart.

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What president had no political party affiliation?

George Washington had no party affiliation.

George washingtons political party?

he apparently wasn't in one..:)

What was George McClellan's political affiliation?

Gen. George McClellan was a member of the Democrat Party.

Which president had no political party?

George Washington was the only President elected without a party affiliation.

What party affiliation did George W Bush bolong to?


What were George Washingtons downfalls?

george washingtons downfalls were his temper

What was George Washingtons brothers name?

George washingtons brithers name was Lawrence

What was George Washingtons jobs?

George Washingtons jobs were a farmer and he served in the military

What was George Washingtons responsibilities as president?

george washingtons responsibilitie is to run the state.

Who was a United States President with no political party?

George Washington had no political party affiliation. (He also ran unopposed.)

Who is the only president to not represent a political party?

George Washington was the only U.S. president without a party affiliation.

How many rooms are in George Washingtons house?

George Washingtons house has 6 rooms

Who was not a member of George washingtons first government?

Who was a member of George washingtons first government

Who was the only US President who was not a member of a political party?

George Washington was the only US President without party affiliation.

What party won the election of 1789?

Although the Federalist Party often gets the credit, George Washington did not declare any party affiliation for that election.

Is Washington a republican or democratic?

If you're referring to President George Washington, he didn't have a party affiliation.

What was George Washingtons first speech?

george washingtons first speech was when he wanted 2 become presudent

What was the third party affiliation of Theodore roosvelt?

what was Theodore roosevelts party affiliation

What was George Washingtons Political Party?

He wasn't the member of any particular party and didn't believe our system of government should be set up around parties.

What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

Who were george washingtons enemies?


Who were George Washingtons relitives?

George Washingtons dad was Augustine Washington and his second wife which is his mother is Mary Ball Washington.

What was George Washingtons Career?

He was a hooker

What is washingtons first name?


What were george washingtons awards?

were none