Salary and Pay Rates

What is going rate for a welder with own rig?

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2008-01-22 07:14:05

I'm from Edmonton Alberta. I have operated a welding rig for 12

years and as far as I can tell there is no standard rate. I have

heard of rates any where between $65 to $140/hr depending on

location (how far north) and the amount of skill required. Demand

at the time usually determines the rates, 2005/2006 were great

years for rig welders here, 2007 not so good. In Edmonton now,

rates seem to be around 85 for "B" welders and 70 for journeyman.

PROARC Nov. 18

I agree, here in Michigan I've seen many rates, the highest was

for tig welding Stainless steel/aluminum That was $15 per inch, but

tig is always a little more expensive.

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