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There are very little advantages to this but I belive that if you install a game to your hard drive your xbox will run a little cooler and if your disc shatters or breaks inside the Xbox 360 itself then your data from your games is not lost and can be retrieved from your hard drive.

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you have to have the disc in the drive for it to play. When you install game to hard drive it makes it so the disc doesn't have to spin. Therefore it will not be scratched, overheated etc.

You can install Halo Reach to your hard drive like any other Xbox 360 game, however the game must be in the disk drive in order to play the game.(but if you have to put the disk its a waste of time to installing it)

This is to prevent people from renting games and installing them on their harddrive.

No, you mainly need a HDD ( Hard Drive ) for saving film clips and installing the game, which is optional.

you should always be able to play online without installing a game

No it does not. As long as the motherboard has the proper connectors for the hard drive you are installing, IDE or SATA, you will not have to replace it. If the connectors are different, then return the hard drive and get one with the proper connection type.

When a game freezes, try installing the game on your hard drive, this should help.

I would suggest installing windows on one hard drive, then installing ubuntu on the same hard drive. Use the other hard drive for the backups (partition it).

Installing the program to your hard drive

without a hard drive your PC wouldn't work at all. so you must have a hard drive, whether its internal or external...

No, the only benifet of installing it onto the hard drive is presemably shorter loading times for the games. But for the majority of games it only affects it by seconds, if at all. The game disk is still required for gameplay.

install to hard drive still requires a disk. the point of installing it is that your xbox will be quiet when your playing the game on it. it also makes the game load faster.

yes all hard drives must be reformatted before installing an operating system.

The important step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer is that it must be compatible. Power must be switched off as well.

A hard-drive partition is the splitting of a hard drive so that it acts as two smaller drives of smaller capacity. This is useful for installing to operating systems on a computer.

No. Installing Linux is no more destructive than installing Windows.

Yes, because you are uploading all of that games data into your hard drive, as opposed to just having your xbox read the disc.

Installing a second hard drive in your system will have an immediate impact on system performance if your system is memeory bound?

your hard drive is most likely not formatted. read owners manual on how to format the hard drive. you will lose eerything on the hard drive when you format it.

Installing an Xbox 360 to your HDD improves loading times, removes disc noise and overall creates a smoother gaming experience. But you still need the disc in the Xbox 360 Console to play the game.

A hard disk drive is used to store data. That data includes the programs you use. When someone says they are installing something on their computer, they usually mean they are installing it to their hard drive, which is located inside their computer. In most situations, a hard drive is what loads the operating system so you can use your PC. If it fails, you will not be able to fully boot your PC.

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