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There is no such thing as a Depo Provera pill.

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Q: What is good between depo provera injection and depo provera pills?
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Do sleeping pills affect Depo-Provera?

can sleeping pills effect depo provera injection

Do iron pills affect Depo-Provera?

There are no known drug interactions between Depo-Provera and iron supplements.

Do you have to pay for the depo- provera injection?


Can you get Depo-Provera injection sooner than 12 weeks?

Yes, you can get a depo provera injection as early as 10 weeks after the last one.

How is Depo-Provera used?

Depo Provera is a hormonal medication that is given by injection every three months

What color is the Depo-Provera injection medication?

The depo provera injection is a white, milky color. You should be able to see this in the shot before they give it to you. If it is not a white milky color, make sure to confirm with the doctor that it is in fact the depo provera injection.

Can you have a Depo-Provera injection once a month?

No, Depo Provera is given about every three months, not every month.

Does the birth control pill affect Depo-Provera?

Birth control pills do not decrease the effectiveness of Depo Provera.

Can you get pregnant if you're bleeding on Depo-Provera and taking iron pills?

If you are on Depo Provera, pregnancy is unlikely if you're getting your shots on time. Bleeding or iron pills don't change the risk of pregnancy on Depo Provera.

When do you get Depo-Provera?

You can start depo provera at any time in your cycle, then return for the next injection about twelve weeks later.

Can you get pregnant two weeks before your next Depo Provera injection?

You can rely on the Depo Provera shot for pregnancy protection through the entire period between injections as long as you are on time for each shot.

What is the icd code for administration of depo provera?

V25.02 or V25.49 are the ICD9 codes for administration of depo provera. For a first injection, it's V25.02, and V25.49 for second or subsequent injection.

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