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If you're in California you can go to this link and get pricing and benefits for all the major plans. When you list just ONE person - the rates will automatically be adjusted for that and you won't be billed for family members that you don't have. It will also give you a lower rate if you're younger. If you're not in CA, use the link at the bottom of this page to find a member of the National Assoc. of Health Underwriters in your area to help you.

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Q: What is good insurance for only one person in a family?
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Where can I get good death insurance?

"First of all, it isn't called death insurance, it's called life insurance, which covers your family in the event of your death. New York Life is a good place to check." "You can only get life insurance, not death insurance. Go with MetLife."

Is American Family Insurance for families only?

No, American Family Insurance insures individuals. They offer auto, renters, health, car, and business insurance.

How does life insurance provide for a family in cases of suicide?

In case of suicide, the insurance company will not provide any compensation for the family of the policy holder. Life insurance will only take care of the family of the policy holder when he does not take his own life.

Where can you get express insurance?

Personal Express is an auto insurance and personal insurance company. It is a very good company, however its only advantage is that the only place to get Express Insurance is in California.

If a person has dwelling only insurance and a person dies in a accidemtal fire in this home is there any liability for funeral expenses etc?

Of course not. You state they have dwelling only coverage, that means they only pay for loss of the dwelling. No life insurance can be attached to a dwelling insurance policy. Sorry.

Is rihanna the only famous person in her family?

no she is not

In the state of Georgia does a person with just a learners permit have to have auto insurance?

no. because as long as the parents has insurance they are fine. And this is only if the parent adds them on their insurance.

Does Gerber offer whole life insurance or only childrens life insurance?

Yes, Gerber offers both children's insurance and whole life insurance policies for the whole family. It only takes a brief application to get a quote right away.

Why Military Auto Insurance Is A Great Benefit?

Not every person can get military auto insurance. It is a benefit reserved for those who have served America and their families. If you have access to this insurance, then you would be wise to take advantage of it. Most people do not have access to the low premiums and great coverage associated with military insurance. What you will find is that, often times, this insurance saves you hundreds of dollars every month. Even if you have only served in the reserves or National Guard, chances are good that you will qualify. You owe it to your family to see if this is an option.

I have liability only and my car was totaled?

If another person was at fault for the accident, you will need to go after their insurance company. If you are liability only, your insurance company will not pay for anything.

Can a person put their boyfriend or girlfriend on their insurance in Texas?

Most insurance companies will allow you to add anyone you want to your policy. Expect to pay more than a single person would, though. Some companies will require you to say you're married (the family-only rule). Be careful of this, because if you meet a list of requirements you may end up marrying your boyfriend by common-law marriage. The requirements include living together (most insurance companies require all insurance holders on a single policy to have the same address), and declaring that the other person is your husband (the family-only rule). Be sure to check with a lawyer or a person confident in Texas common law marriage laws.

Do you insure the car or the person?

You insure a car for a person or persons, so that in the event of a accident with that car, insurance can be claimed only if a named driver on the insurance was driving at that time.

Where can a person find car insurance in the UK only?

The majority of insurers will only issue insurance for the country where the car is registered. For European companies the level of insurance under a policy can vary country to country.

Is it possible to set up a family Car Insurance Company that only runs for the family?

I'll explain a little bit. I'm all about finding ways to keep our money in our family, and it seems like this would be a feasible option. I don't want to create a large corporation open to the public, but is it possible to create a family car insurance company that would run for the family only. Would an insurance company like this be viewed as an accepted car insurance company or would it not be recognized by the States? Any ideas?

What is the person that buys the insurance policy called?

The person that buys the insurance policy is referred to as the policy owner. This person is the only one that can make changes to the policy or cancel it. However, there may be more than one policy owner for the same insurance policy.

After a person dies can their creditors apply that person life insurance to the debts that person owes?

Only if he touched your mom Hell yeah!

Can you find out if someone has life insurance on you?

I don't think so. Typically life insurance policies are taken by people for themselves or for their family members. The person who has taken the policy is the only one with whom the insurance company will interact. So, the chances that some random individual has taken a policy on your name are pretty slim and even if they have, the insurance co will not share details with you.

Can two person used a pregnancy test?

The test is only good for one person only and only good for one time use

Is military auto insurance different from regular insurance?

yes,there is certain types of difference in regular insurance and military insurance, in a country like USA,they provide many insurance company which are made for only military insurance,because those military person do lot of lot things for country, military insurance company worked in 2 ways 1. a insurance company which is made only for military insurance ,which is provide by their government of country ,by that person gets advantages,person gets reduction on insurance fees 2. usual other insurance company which involve all kind of insurance like car insurance,low cost car insurance,no credit car loan insurance, and military car insurance

How do you find out the insurance company of someone with just there lison plate number?

First, you cannot find out what insurance company another person uses as this is a privacy issue. If you have had an accident with this person, the insurance company will be listed on the accident report. This is your only option for getting the insurance company name, unless the person wishes to tell you.

When would it be a good idea to have highway insurance?

"Insurance is not only a good idea to have, it is also required in most places. Driving without insurance is a crime that is punishable by severe fines and potential jail time."

If two people have a car loan but only one person has insurance and the car is totaled in a single vehicle accident by the uninsured person will the insurance company still cover the car?

if you have gico then no but any other car insurance will yes

Will 21st Century Insurance company insure a driver with only a permit?

It is usually not necessary to insurance a driver who only has a permit. Often, if it is a young person, they are covered under their parents insurance. If it is an adult, then they may insure the driver.

Can you file a claim against a person with no insurance?

You can file a claim against your insurance company for an action caused by another person with no insurance if you are covered for such an occurance. An example would be if you had uninsured motorist coverage and were hit by someone without auto insurance. However if you want to file a 'claim' against the person directly who has no insurance there is no one to file the claim against. The only alternative here is to sue the person in court.

Is title insurance transferred in a conveyance of real property?

No. Title insurance only covers the person who purchased the policy. You would need to purchase your own title insurance policy.