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The word "guinea" can refer to many things:

19 different Countries, regions, and other places
  1. Equatorial Guinea, a country in Central Africa, formerly the colony of Spanish Guinea
  2. Guinea-Bissau, a country in West Africa, formerly the colony of Portuguese Guinea
  3. Guinea, a country in West Africa, sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry for disambiguation
  4. Papua New Guinea, a country in Oceania
  5. Guinea (region), a region in West Africa
  6. Guinea Highlands, a forested mountain plateau in the Guinea region
  7. Lower Guinea
  8. Lower Guinean forests, a coastal forest region in the Guinea region
  9. Middle Guinea
  10. Upper Guinea
  11. Upper Guinean forests, a tropical moist forest region of West Africa
  12. Guinea, Nova Scotia a community in Nova Scotia, Canada
  13. Gulf of Guinea, a gulf of the Atlantic Ocean off West African coast, south of Nigeria
  14. Guinea, a region of Gloucester County, Virginia, United States
  15. Guinea, Virginia, an unincorporated community in Caroline County, Virginia
  16. New Guinea (Papua Island), a large island north of Australia in the southwestern Pacific
  17. Western New Guinea (West Papua), the western half of New Guinea, occupied by Papua (province), a province of Indonesia formerly known as Irian Jaya.
  18. Nueva Guinea, a municipality in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua.
  19. La Guinea is a corregimiento in Balboa District, Panamá Province, Panama.

9 Former Countries
  1. British Guinea, a former colony in what is now Papua New Guinea
  2. Danish Guinea, another name for Danish Gold Coast, a former colony in what is now Ghana
  3. Dutch Guinea, a former colony in what is now Indonesian Papua
  4. French Guinea, a former colony in West Africa, what is now Guinea
  5. German Guinea, another name for the former colonies of Kamerun and Togoland in West Africa
  6. German Guinea, or German New Guinea, a former colony in what is now Papua New Guinea
  7. Portuguese Guinea, a former colony in West Africa, what is now Guinea-Bissau
  8. Spanish Guinea, a former colony in West Africa, what is now Equatorial Guinea
  9. Swedish Guinea, another name for Swedish Gold Coast, a former colony in what is now Ghana

  1. Guinea wasp, a wasp genus in the subfamily Pteromalinae
  2. Guinea baboon, Papio papio, a species of baboon
  3. Guinea pig, a genus of rodents
  4. Guinea worm, parasitic worm native to parts of Africa
  5. Guinea Fowl, four genera of chicken-like birds in the family Numididae

  1. Guinea (coin), a former British coin and currency unit.
  2. Egyptian pound (Egyptian Arabic: جنيه مصري‎ Genēh Maṣri. The Arabic word "genēh" is pronounced like and derived from the English word "guinea."
Geography: Guinea - Place in West Africa formrly called as French guinea
Zoology: Guinea fowl - Flightless bird belonging to the order same as pheasants and turkeys; monogamous; white or pearl color, grey with white spots etc. Vrieties includes - White breasted, Black, helmeted, plumed, crested and vulturine guinea fowl
Zoology: Guinea pig - Experimental animal - a rodent belonging to the genus Caviidae and genus Cavia - for research purpose. Also used as food by indigenous south American folklore.
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What are Guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs (also commonly called cavies after their scientificname -Cavia porcellus meaning pig-like cavy ) arerodents belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.Despite their common name, the animals are not pigs, nor do theycome from Guinea. They are originally native to the Andes, th ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you guinea has babys?

Hey there, absolutely nothing. When the come out they are already quite hairy and can run a little distance. So just basically leave them be for a week or two, so they can bond to the mother and then they should be right. Just check once in a while before the birth to see if they are born.. coz its ( Full Answer )

Where is Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea is located on the Atlantic Coast of Africa (directly south of the West African Peninsula). It is bordered by Cameroon on the north, Gabon on the east andsouth and the Gulf of Guinea on the west. there are also 2 otherisland a couple hundred miles away. Africa Africa

What is a guinea fowl?

A guinea is a pheasantlike bird of the family Numididae native to Africa. Their diet consists of insects and seeds and they nest on the ground. They have spangeled grey plumage and a featherless head. not the country Nothing like the guinea pig (if that helps :-)) )

Where can you get guinea pigs?

Get it from a rescue shelter of some sort if you can! Millions of Piggy's get put to sleep everyday cuz no one wants them! A registered breeder can give you a fantastic pedigree if you show guinea pigs. Do not buy from a pet shop! prices are high. GO TO A SHELTER!

What is a guinea wasp?

Guinea wasps have a very painful sting. It is a type of paper wasp.It is yellow and black and often mistaken for a yellow jacket.

How do you spell guinea?

The proper noun, an African country, is correctly spelled, Guinea . The common noun guinea was a gold coin minted from 1613 to 1883 in Great Britain, with a value that at times fluctuated with the price of gold.

What are Guinea hens?

A Guinea fowl is in the order: Galiforms Family: Numididae whichmeans it is similar to Pheasants and Turkeys it is a game bird. When domesticated they areoften kept with chickens and do fine with them.

Where or what is New Guinea?

It is the world's second largest island, in the Pacific Ocean just north of Australia. It is politically divided into Papua New Guinea and part of Indonesia. The original Guinea is in the north of Africa. It consists of many provinces and many islands. Its capital is Port Moresby which is located o ( Full Answer )

Where do guineas live?

I am pretty sure that guineas originated in Africa, but they are pretty much everywhere. I live in North America, and mine live in my barn.

What is the definition of guinea?

There are four common definitions for the word guinea. 1. a former British gold coin worth 21 shillings. 2. a West African bird having dark plumage mottled with white; native to Africa but raised for food in many parts of the world. (guinea fowl) 3. (proper noun) a republic in West Africa on t ( Full Answer )

Why do you call New Guinea New Guinea?

The name 'New Guinea' is derived from 'Nueva Guinea', the name used by Spanish explorer Yñigo Ortiz de Retez, who named the island that because he observed that the people were similar in appearance to those occupying the Guinea coast of Africa.

Where is Guinea-Bissau?

Guinea-Bissau is on the west coast of Africa. It lies just south of Senegal and north of Guinea.

Where do you get a guinea pig?

You can normally get a guinea pig from your local pet shop. Ifthere are none there you should look around and try find a breederor search on the internet for people selling them. You can alsocheck PetFinder.com, Craigslist.org, Kijiji.com, andGuineaPigHome.com for adoptable guinea pigs in your area. ( Full Answer )

What do guineas eat?

Guinea pigs are herbivores. They eat green leafy vegetables. They like all vegetables and some fruits like apples and pears. Carrots and celery are good for them also.

What is guinea worm?

Guinea worm is a disease (mostly occours in africa )which you get when you drink still water containing a flea which contains the larvae it stays inside your body for about a year before emerging from a blister mostly in the lower half of the body. these worms can grow to 3 feet long and are as thi ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a guinea pig?

well, i got my guinea pig a pet store. i dont remember what it was called. they didnt have cute guinea pigs but my is so cute. i love him. if i were you i would try walmart or petco or any pet store. guinea pigs arent in pet shelthers. Answer 2 You can certainly find guinea pigs in pet shelters ( Full Answer )

Are guinea pigs from New Guinea?

No. They originated in the area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in South America. There are a large number of theories on why they came to be known as "Guinea Pigs", one being that their Latin name gave rise to confusion about them being "pigs" and that "Guinea" may be a European corruption of Guiana. ( Full Answer )

Where does a guinea live?

\nThey live all around the world as pets. Most scientists belive they were never wild.

What is a guinea?

A Guinea is a coin of the old pre-decimal British currency. It was worth approximately 21 shillings.

Where do you get guinea pig?

You can buy a guinea pig from breeders, pet shops, newpapers, ads on internets and lots more places.

Why is a guinea-pig called a guinea-pig when it comes from South America not Guyana or Guinea?

They may be called guinea pigs because they weighed a guinea or because they were sold for one guinea. People may have also thought that they came from Guyana or Guinea. Another reason is that the first person to own or sell or discover them might have been named Guinea. well back in south america, ( Full Answer )

Where do you get guinea pigs at?

A pet store. Not a pet store. Go to a shelter. There are lots of guinea pigs in need of a good home. Or you can also search your local paper for people who can no longer care for their piggies and want to give them a good home. Just make sure you do lots of research before adopting one. They needs ( Full Answer )

Where a guinea lives?

a guinea pig lives in a nicely sized hutch with nice bedding and will enjoy being out for a while in the frest air where it can eat grass in a safe hut where it can have a indoor bit where it can run into when it get scared :) x hope i helped :)

What can you do with a guinea pig?

You can play with them using pet store toys or toys around the house such as toilet paper tubes. You can teach them tricks like coming when called or running up and down the stairs or enter them in guinea pig shows. Ask a breeder for more info on showing your pet.you can also take the piggy out of t ( Full Answer )

Can guinea pigs eat guinea pigs?

They are herbivores. Guineapigs may fight and draw blood but they won't eat each other, not even newborn babies as they are born fully furred.

Are guineas real?

It depends on what, exactly, is meant. Guineas were an old coin minted in England. Guinea pigs are small, furry rodents, often kept as pets. Guinea fowl are speckled poultry.

Are guinea pigs smart for a guinea pig?

Yes they are smart for rodents, because you can let them run around your house (if you want to) and train them to use a litter box.

Why are guinea pigs named guinea pigs?

Actually Guinea Pigs do NOT come from New Guinea but might have been called Guinea because they may have cost 1 guinea during about the time of Queen Elizabeth (who actually owned several pet guinea pigs.) Which was about $1.80 a lot of money back then. They are THOUGHT to have been called pig becau ( Full Answer )

What are the definitions of 'Guinea'?

Guinea fowl: a west African bird having dark plumage mottled with white; native to Africa but raised for food in many parts of the world . Guinea (which is officially the Republic of Guinea République de Guinée), is a country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea (Guinée franà ( Full Answer )

Can a guinea have a castrate?

Yes. There is a risk that the guinea pig could die during the operation but there is a risk with all operations, so you just have to think what is best? :) x

Where do you get guinea pigs from?

You can get them from any pet store really if you have a petco,petsmart,kennel shop near you those are very good stores.I got mine from kennel shop and i have no complants i love my guinea pigs i have 2 and they are boys.

What is good about guineas?

They are inexpensive, they are easy to take care of, and they are cute and cuddly

How do you get out your guinea pig?

Well, you get it out by petting it for about 5 min. first, then start petting it near the stomach area, just beneath the arms. Slowly pick it up like that, then take it out of it's cage and bring it close to your stomach if you want to hold it. Then put your hand underneath it's bottom so it feels s ( Full Answer )

How do you tell a guinea hen from a guinea rooster?

It is difficult to be absolutely sure if your guineafowl is a henor a cock, but there are subtle differences. (with guineafowl themale is a cock and not a rooster) . call: Cock has one syllable call (wheat-wheat)which starts at 6wks. Hen has two syllable call (buck-wheat) whichstarts about 8wks ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guinea out of their cage?

open the cage door and grab the guinea pig...its that easy I wouldn't grab them because they are small and can be quite fragile. If they will not come when you call you should either gently pick them up and out or tempt them out with food.

What do guinea pigs do in a guinea pig race?

Well if you ever come across someone who has seen/held/witnessed a guinea pig race then how 'bout asking them? If not then just think for yourself. It isn't a tough one to work out.

Is Papua New Guinea and New Guinea both in Guinea?

No, Papua New Guinea is in the Pacific. It is the country on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, although it is sometimes called New Guinea for short. The western half of New Guinea is Indonesian territory. Papua New Guine and New Guinea are completely different to the country of Guinea (o ( Full Answer )

What does guinea mean in guinea pig?

Guinea is a country in West Africa. However this animal originated in South America. It is possible that the name of Guinea got mixed up with Guiana (which is in South America). Or it is possible that, when the animal was introduced to England or North America someone used the name Guinea because th ( Full Answer )

Did Guinea pigs came fom Guinea?

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/User:Jenniferstarr . Question tools . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Did_Guinea_pigs_came_fom_Guinea . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Changes&cv=question:Did_Guinea_pigs_came_fom_Guinea . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Did_Guinea_pigs_came_fom_Guinea&action=edit . Imp ( Full Answer )

What is there to no about guinea pigs?

guinea pigs need timothy hay it is more than 75% of everything they eat if you dont get timothy hay it will die in a week. they need timothy hay!!! I have a guinea pig of my own and her name is patches she loves timothy hay. Guinea pigs need carrots, potatoes, lettuce, apples (but without the ski ( Full Answer )

Should a guinea Female guinea pig have a male guinea pig?

Yes. If you are ready to have babies. they should be separated. And there is a likely chance that the mother will die because it depends on the age. They shouldn't be having babies if they are over 8 months old. I would keep mine separate. I lost my Mother guinea pig): I would reccomend you have two ( Full Answer )

Where does guinea guinea squat come from?

An elderly woman in the personal care home where I work sings these words as part of a game she played as a child. She wants to know the rest of the words.

Were is New Guinea?

New Guinea is one of the Pacific Islands located north of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.