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What is having a faith in magic or chance?

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Faith in magic is very important and it is what influences all your magic activities. Its like those who believe in christianity, Islam etc, without faith you can't believe and if you don't believe that means you can't practice magic.

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Can faith activate magic?

Faith and a need

What are the chances of my mom having a baby girl?

Well I am no Magic 8 ball, but I would say she has a 50/50 chance of having a girl.

Can faith from within activate magic?

Not in real life, as magic does not actually exist. In a fictional context, magic can work in whatever way the author wants it to work. It is not uncommon in works of fiction to see magic that can be brought about through faith or belief.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Magic Hand of Chance - 2012?

The cast of The Magic Hand of Chance - 2012 includes: Eugeny Voronin

Difference between religion and magic?

Religion requires a belief in magic. Belief in magic does not require religious faith. There is no magic. So none of it really matters.

What are some of symbols for having faith?

One type of symbol for having faith is the peace sign.

What is the importance of faith in your life?

Many people have faith which is having a complete trust or confidence in something. The importance of having faith in ones life is simply having something to believe in.

Is the Magic going to beat the Celtics?

yes i think the magic will win but the celtics still have a chance

What is the probability that a random couple with three children will have at least two boys?

If we consider there is a 50% chance for having a boy and 50% for having a girl*, there is : - 12,5% chance of having no boys; - 37,5% chance of having 1 boy; - 37,5% chance of having 2 boys; - 12,5% chance of having 3 boys. Therefore, there is 50% chance of having at least two boys. *The odds are more like 51% for having a boy and 49% for having a girl, but it doesn't really matters.

What elements of the Christian faith in the Middle Ages incorporated magic?

None. They were against magic. That's why they went after witches.

What does intelligence have to do with faith?

Well, having intelligence about your faith is definitely important. So, really, having intelligence is a great factor of your faith. (How much you know about your religion, etc.) Having intelligence primarily and just school wise is not important toward your faith that I know of.

Can you get purple magic seeds on moshi monsters?

NO but you can get magic seeds which have a slight chance of producing a purple flower

What is a word meaning having a belief in chance?

Hope would mean having a belief in chance.

Who is the founder of faith?

God founded faith in Judaism and Christianity, with Judaism having the promises and Christianity having the fulfillment of the promises.

How would faith and magic work together?

The Bible is full of examples

What has the author A Kiev written?

A. Kiev has written: 'Magic, faith, and healing'

Is chance Brejnakowski magic?

Yeah i saw this guy one day doing this amazing street magic. he is definatly magic! he has never told me how to do a trick

How do you get a magic bean to turn into a magic bean and not a rox flower on moshimonsters?

Well most of the time a magic bean grows into a magic bean plant, It's just chance, buddy :)

Is faith one of the sources of magic?

Source no, may make possible-yes

Does The Polar Express show by just having faith do many things like Santa Claus and magic do exist?

That is the message it conveys, though it is a false one: belief in something does not affect whether it exists or not.

How do you get wizard in everybody edits?

You have a 2% chance from magic coins- inviro

What is taking a risk?

Having faith in the unknown.

How do tattoos help people?

Having faith in it

What reasons does Jocasta give for not having faith in the prophecy?

Jocasta does not have faith in the prophecy because when Oedipus was a baby she abandoned him on a cliff and believed that he would die. She believed that he wouldn't have the chance to grow up, kill his father, and marry his mother. Jocasta believes that she lifted the prophecy.

What is the meaning of the song magic?

I dont really know but i think it means that you must have faith in you in order to feel magic. Again, i do not know if this answe is right.