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Q: What is he win-loss record between the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee since 2000?
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What is the winloss percentage in sports gambling?

95% loss

What was the KC Royals' winloss record in 2008?

75-87 4th in the division

What is the brewers record for winloss?

The all time won loss record for the franchise is... 3028 wins - 3352 losses

Where can you find college football all time winloss records online?

Click on the 'Division 1A Schools All Time WIn/Loss Records' link below to see the all time records of D1A schools.

What is winloss record between Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox?

as of the 2010 season, the White Sox lead the all time record (since interleague play began) with 37 wins to the Cubs 35 wins. The White Sox won the Interleague Series against the Cubs in 2010 by 4 games-to-2 so after the 2010 season, the White Sox lead in the series 41 Wins to 37 wins

What is the winloss record for New Orleans Saints in the final 2006 standings for the national football league?

The Saints 2006 regular season record was 10-6. They made the playoffs, defeated the Eagles in the first round and then lost to the Bears in the NFC conference championship game for an overall record of 11-7.

What is the win-loss record between the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Tennessee leads the series 19-15-2. Tennessee won nine straight games between 1989-1999, then Georgia came back and won four straight. The 2006 game was played in Athens and won by Tennessee 51-33.

What river forms border between Georgia and Tennessee?

There is no river that borders Tennessee and Georgia.

What is the distance between Nashville Tennessee and Savannah Georgia?

It is 496 miles (8 hours 17 minutes) between Nashville, Tennessee and Savannah, Georgia.

Is Georgia in Tennessee?

Georgia is not in Tennessee. Tennessee is bordered by Georgia to the south.

Who won more games between Georgia and Tennessee?

Tennessee won more games than Georgia. Tennessee won 15 out of twenty games that they played therefor Georgia only won five games.

What is halfway between Nashville Tennessee and Naples Florida?

valdosta georgia

Did herschel walker play for Tennessee?

No, Herschel played his college ball at the University of Georgia.

What is the record between Tennessee vs Georgia?

Through the 2009 season, Tennessee leads the all time series against Georgia 21-16-2.

What is halfway between tn and ga?

Tennessee borders Georgia.

What are the best colleges on the east coast play softball at?

University of Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee

Distance from Chattanooga Tennessee to Savannah Georgia?

Chattanooga, Tennessee is located about 6 hours north of Savannah, Georgia. There is approximately 366 miles between the two cities.

Does Tennessee border Georgia?

Tennessee is bordered by Georgia to the south.

The Savannah River forms most of the boundary between South Carolina and which other state - Tennessee or Georgia?

Seeing as how South Carolina does not boarder Tennessee I'll say the answer is Georgia.

Where is the midpoint between Smyrna Georgia and Louisville Kentucky?

the arbys in tennessee

What is the time difference between Georgia and Tennessee?

Georgia, USA is 1 hour ahead of Nashville, TN, USA

Is Georgia north of Tennessee?

Tennessee is bordered by Georgia to the south.

Which states are between Georgia and Virginia?

South Carolina and North Carolina separate Georgia from most of Virgina with a small portion separated by Tennessee.

What is the driving distance between Chattanooga Tennessee and Gainesville Georgia?

124 miles

What is the halfway point between ohio and georgia?

The Tennessee-Kentucky state line.