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No predefined 'header' function in the standard C libraries. There are header files, if that's what you mean.

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Q: What is header function definition in c language?
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Which library file contain the definition of stdioh and conioh header file function definition in C language?

Platform dependent, possibly LIBC.LIB or something like that.

Explain about header files used in c language?

list of header files in c and function prototype associated with each file

Can you define a function inside other functions definition in C language?


What is code for inverse of cosine in c language?

Include the header file math.h and use the function acos(d)

What is mean by int 86 in c language?

int86 is a function in TurboC, header dos.h, consult the built-in help.

C Coding of sine function?

Function sin in header math.h

Need of preprosser in c language?

to include the header files.

What is function definition in C plus plus?

actually ++ in c++ represents the advanced version of the language 'c'. Whereas c dont has any full form. In c ,c ++ means c =c +1 I think the question goes more to what "function definition" means. C++ (and many other languages) requires that that a function (any symbol really) must be known to the compiler before you actually try to use it. This is called the "function declaration" and simply specifies the signature of the function. The "function definition" then is the actual implementation of the function. You can declare and implement a function at the same time but normally you will split your source code into a header file (.h) containing the declarations and an implementation file (.cpp) containing the the definitions. For example: Declaration: class A { .... void doSomething(); } Definition: void A:doSomething() { // Your implementation here }

What is included in signal.h header file of C language?

Constants, typedefs, function prototypes. If you want to know more, load it into a text editor.

Advantage of header file in c?

Header files are the placeholder of commonly used function which are frequently used during the execution of a program. Thus creating header file you are able to globally define the advantage of function available in header file. Header file are generally tag with your compiler, or these are predefine. But you can also create a header file which contains a number of function which are commonly ans frequently used in your program. Thus creating header file, you are able to used the strength of structural language. and modularity..

How do you correct the C plus plus programming error missing function header?

You need to #include the header file that contains the missing function's declaration.

What is the function of square root in C programming?

it is sqrt in header math.h

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