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What is healthy values?


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August 02, 2012 5:39PM

What are considered healthy values generally depends on the culture you are a part of and even within that culture these values may be vastly different. Take for example the difference between what is important in the mind of a person that is a Muslim and that in the case of a Christian person. and even then what are considered healthy values may differ greatly among the people of different denominations and ways of thinking. Healthy values are an attitude to the things that are important in what you do in your life that serve to make the lives of others better for them selves and for you.

Health is a matter of three different fields: mental health, physical health and social health. When either of those three is damaged, the others will deteriorate with it. So if you live in a culture where your personal values are shunned or discriminated against, your health will suffer - and not just your social health.

What is important in values, is that your values do not impair your ability to lead a healthy life; which really means your values should complement a healthy lifestyle, on all three grounds of health (mental, physical and social).