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What is heat of neutralization?

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AnswerThis is the energy change which occurs when 1 mole of water is formed during a neutralization reaction between an acid and an alkali
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How do you calculate heat of neutralization?

Heat of neutralization is equal to mass of substance multiplied by change in temperature multiplied by specific heat capacity.

Define the heat of neutralization?

Heat of neutralization describes one of the effects of mixing a base with an equally strong acid. This neutralizes the substance, which changes the substance's heat as a result.

Is heat of neutralisation concentration dependent?

No. The rate of the neutralization reaction is concentration dependent, but the "heat of neutralization" is defined on a molar basis already, so it is not.

Why does the temperature increase and decrease during neutralization?

Neutralization is an exothermic chemical reaction and thus heat is given out.

Does changing the concentration of an acid affect the temperature at neutralisation?

Yes, heat of neutralization is directly proportional to the concentration of the acid. the more the concentration the more the heat emitted at the time of neutralization.

What is the heat of neutralization between ch3cooh plus naoh?


What is heat of neutralization between HCl and NaOH?

-55.8 KJ/mol

What is heat of neutralization of nh4oh and ch3cooh?

Ch3cooh+nh4oh-->ch3coonh4 +h2o

What is the heat of neutralization of nitric acid?

The Enthalpy of neutralization of all strong acids are almost the same. It is between -58 to -59 kilojoules per mole.

Does the heat of neutralization reaction depend on the number of hydrogen atoms in a molecule of acid?


What is molar heat of neutralization?

The molar heat of neutralization would be different in every chemical reaction. For example, the mixture of HCl and NaOH would produce x=611/0.05= 12220 cal/mole =12.22 Kcal/mole.

In a neutralization reaction hydronium ions react with hydroxide ions to produce what?

Water and heat

Why is the heat of neutralization for HBr reacting with NaOH and HNO3 reacting with KOH solution be identical?

First, write the net-ionic reactions for both neutralization reactions. Notice anything? They have the same net-ionic reaction! So, their heats of neutralization will be the same.

Is heat of neutralization same for every acid-base pair?

no every acid base pair does not have same heat of neutralisation.

What is the largest source of error during conducting heat neutralization?

Inadequate measuring of the temperature change

How is the heat of neutralization of acetic acid different from that of HCL or Hโ‚‚SOโ‚„?

Acetic acid is a weak acid while HCl or H2SO4 are both strong acids. Being strong acids, the heat given off during neutralization is much greater.

Does temperature increase when acid is added to alkali?

A neutralization process take place.It emmits energy as heat,so temperature increase.Answer:Neutralization is often exothermic (produces heat) A typical example is is the mixing of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. However endothermic neutralization reactions (the reaction cools the solution) do happen. A simple example is the mixing of baking soda and acetic acid.

Why is a polystyrene cup used instead of a glass beaker to find the heat of neutralization?

Because it insulates. To measure the heat of neutralization, the heat absorbed or released by the reaction are measured by a change in temperature. If heat is released into the room through the container, the measurement won't be accurate. The better insulated, the better.

What is a result of a neutralization reaction?


Why is neutralization exothermic?

neutralization is exothermic because the reaction of the strang base and strong acid produces heat. In other words, if you take the enthalpy of the products minus that of the reactants, you will find that the overall enthalpy is negative. Hope that helps!

What is neutralization point?

The neutralization point is at pH=7,00.

What does neutralization produce?

The result of neutralization reaction is a salt.

What is the heat of neutralization between HCl and HNO3?

HCl and HNO^3 are both acids therefore Neutralisation cannot occur.

What is meant by neutralization?

neutralization is the act of making something neutral.

Is neutralization a chemical change?

yes neutralization is a chemical change.