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Heat transfer is when heat is transfered from one object to another,for example,the sun gives the Earth warmth and energy

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During which heat emergency do you cool the casualty's body by sprinkling him or her with water?

Heat exhaustionheat exhaustionHeat exhaustionHeat exhaustionHeat ExhaustionHeat ExhaustionHeat exhaustionHeat ExhaustionHeat ExhaustionHeat exhaustion

In an impact the lost kinetic energy converts into?

Into heat.Into heat.Into heat.Into heat.

What movie titles contain the word heat?

Caged HeatJungle HeatMidnight HeatChained HeatIn the Heat of the Night

What is heat reclaim?

Heat in the area, Heat made by a compressure or condenser to heat other stuff like a heater or heat water or heat air, Again heat made by the compressure or condenser to heat a area!

How to melt gold?


What are the effects of heat waves?

heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion

Modes of heat transfer?

Heat conductionHeat convectionHeat radiation

If electrical energy goes into a light bulb what waste energy comes out?


What is em heat?

Emergency heat. Heat strip used as secondary heat source in a heat pump system.

What is the difference between wet heat disinfect and dry heat disinfect?

Dry heat is heat without humidity, and wet heat is heat with a lot of humidity.

What gas is heat energy?

Heat energy is not a gas.Heat energy is not a gas.Heat energy is not a gas.Heat energy is not a gas.

What do you call heat that is added or removed from a substance but does not change the state of the substance sensible heat latent heat super heat or radiation heat?

Latent Heat.

Differentiate the heat of sublimation heat of vaporization heat of fusion and the heat gain?

heat of sublimation does not cause vapor but vaporization does

A fire warms you by transferring what energy?

Heat energy.Heat energy.Heat energy.Heat energy.

How can you tell that you are absorbing radiant energy from the sun?

It will heat you up.It will heat you up.It will heat you up.It will heat you up.

What is waste heat?

waste heat is heat that is wasted, like cars waste 75% of heat

Is heat a renewable source of energy?

heat coming from where? heat from a fire isnt, heat from the sun is.

What are the advantages of heat energy?

Heat energy is the amount of heat used to energize or to produce heat.

Can heat be totally converted into heat and conversely?

Heat already is heat. No need to convert anything.

Is heat a living thing?

Heat is not a living thing. Heat is radiated, heat is a form of energy.

What is a good slogan for a thermos called heat saver?

Save the heat in heat saver the only thermos that saves all the heat put into it Save heat with heat saver

What is the difference between heat engine and heat pump?

Heat Engine is the system that converts the Heat energy into mechanical work while Heat pump converts the work into heat

How does a conductor absorb heat?

A conductor does not absorb heat, it conducts heat so that the heat is evenly dispersed. It seems like it absorbs heat but it transfers heat to somewhere else.

What is heat conduction and heat insulation?

Heat conduction is the process of transferring heat energy through direct collisions between particles.Heat insulation is when poor heat conductors (insulators) prevent heat to escape.your butt smells weird but heat is conducting it.

What is the difference between sensible and latent heat?

Sensible heat - Heat energy which causes an increase in temperature is called sensible heat. Latent heat - Heat energy which causes a change in phase is called latent heat.