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if the two are still good friends then i would not think anyhtign of it.....if you cant let you bf be around another girl then you may be alittle obsesive you have to lossen your grip a little biut and let him do what he is his birthday after all. I think this depends entirely on whether or not she truly intends the gesture as friendship. My guess is that if she asked out for the day of and knows you would be with him she is showing disrespect to your relationship and the best of intentions may not be there. My rule of thumb is that people of opposite sex can be friends as long as (and this is important) BOTH are in agreement that they are platonic friends.It is unusual for the disregard this person is showing to your relationship. May simply be because she thinks of herself being in a relationship with this fellow before you and that she feels she can still be a priority. The right approach for her to have had would be to have asked if she could see him maybe and let him decide who/what/where/when. She sounds like she was pushing her boundaries as a platonic friend. When any of my exes got involved I always gave proper repect to their new relationships and significant others. Best of luck to you and your situation.

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Q: What is his ex up to when she asks him out on the day of his birthday even though he has a new girlfriend who she knows would be the first person he would spend that day with?
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