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History is made of... In my opinion, history is made of the past. A compilation of events that have already occured, have been documented on some form of media, such as books, computer data storage devices, and even simple human memory, etc. and are reviewed, thereby history.


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There is no Black History week Jackass. It's called Black History Month and it was made to be in February

History that is being made now.

You learn from the mistakes made in history. You use techniques from history.

It just happens. History is being made right now. In a few years, today's occurances will be part of history books.

Sometimes. Neil Armstrong was a celebrity after walking on the moon. That made history. Lady Gaga is a celebrity but has not made history.

a person who has made a story line in history or impacted history

The history of peppermints was made from cow patty's. They were originated from Minnesota

She made History by discovering radium and potonium

to remember the history

he was a guy that made history a well know part of history he made people want to be jut like him and etc.

the ones i made last night had a history of less than 24 hours. after that, they were history.

History - TV channel -'s motto is 'History: Made Every Day'.

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the change was made by the changes in time period.

this was made in 2011 michael angelo made it

No one made the dates, but they put down dates of events that have happened. There is a timeline to history and knowing the timeline helps connect how people,places, and things were made or developed. Once you know that history is easy.

same as other money it was made and they use it

he made history by dunking from the free throw line

He made history by playing basket ball.

There are tons of things that happen on May 12th that made history. One thing that made history was 1st recorded shutout in pro baseball.

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