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House clearance is simply asking a business to come to the house and remove all forms of furniture and unwanted items and materials - not building materials. You will need to check before asking a company to do this what they will and will not take as many companies are "2nd hand shops" and will take, at no cost items only viable for resale leaving items with you that you still have to dispose of. Good companies will take the "good items" and sell on and at no cost take recyclable items such as bed mattresses which they will take to an official amenities areas run by local councils - there may be charge for this. You ill need to make sure that these companies are taking waste for legal disposal and not fly tipping (dumping it anywhere) because if it is traced back to you it is you who will also face legal action. Waste carriers in the UK must be registered as such to do this and your local council will have a list of these. National carriers (the big companies) normally have local agreements.

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Q: What is house clearance and how does it work in the UK?
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