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It can't because it is a gas.

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Q: What is hydrogen's ability to conduct electricity?
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The ability to conduct electricity is a property of?

The ability to conduct electricity is a property of a conductor.

What is the ability to conduct heat electricity or sound?

The ability to conduct heat or electricity is acutally called conductivity.

Mercury the element ability to conduct electricity?

You can conduct electricity through liquid mercury.

What is indium ability to conduct electricity?

indium can conduct electricity. all metals can.

What is the link between water that contains other substance and is ability to conduct electricity?

pure water does not conduct electricity. the presence of electrolytes in the water is what conducts electricity. the equation for the conductivity (ability to conduct electricity) Conductance = 1/ resistance

Does copper have the ability to conduct electricity?

of course

How copper have ability to conduct electricity?

i want an answer

Is the ability to conduct electricity is a property of nonmetals?


Is the ability to conduct electricity a property of a nonmetal?


What is equivalent conductivity?

Similar ability to conduct electricity.

What is a material's ability to conduct electricity?

Electrical Conductivity. If a material is able to conduct, or transfer electricity, it is considered electrically conductive.

When ions are formed in water the solution has the ability to conduct what?