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What is hypermania?

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It is a severe form of mania; most often diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist. It falls into the "major depressive" category like bipolar disease but rarely if ever is there a low. The symptoms under which my diagnosis was determined were An overwhelming feeling of happiness or elation without cause, very active while needing little sleep, hard to fall asleep due to the mind working overtime while it should be at rest, lack of coping skills or just not coping at all with anything that would upset the patient, sporadic behavior i.e. taking off on an unplanned road trip to see a sunrise 1100 miles away because it sounded like a good idea, shopping sprees etc. There are therapists that will advise medication if the condition is severe, but most often no medication is needed. Personally, I have not needed them because I see the long term consequences of my actions, but many others do not. The questionable behavior has most often been cause for concern because others find it irrational.

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What is bipolar manic-depressive disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a complex disorder that generally falls into one of a few different criteria sets. It is characterized by some combination of episodes of mania or hypermania, and episodes of major depression.

What are the different forms of bipolar?

Bipolar 1 Disorder: experience devastating lows (depressions) and extatic highs (manias) and mixed episodes. Classified as having at least 4 major episodes a year. Bipolar 2 Disorder: Experience extremely low lows and not many highs (occasional hypermania; less severe form of full blown manic episode)

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multimedia, myasthenia, mythomania, mythopoeia, nyctalopia, ophthalmia, ostensoria, paramnesia, paraplegia, pedophilia, penetralia, penicillia, pericardia, pericrania, perineuria, peripeteia, perithecia, planetaria, poinsettia, polydipsia, polyphagia, presbyopia, prothallia, quadrennia, rickettsia, sarracenia, saturnalia, scriptoria, sensibilia, septicemia, sporogonia, staminodia, stylopodia, termitaria, tillandsia, washateria, washeteria, xenophobiaBONUS WORDS:11-letter wordsagoraphobia, albuminuria, anaesthesia, aniseikonia, antimalaria, antonomasia, appressoria, archesporia, azoospermia, bacchanalia, bacteriuria, bibliomania, bradycardia, coprophilia, cryptomeria, cyclopaedia, cyclothymia, definientia, differentia, dysrhythmia, epithalamia, fritillaria, glossolalia, hebephrenia, hydrophobia, hypercapnia, hypermnesia, hyperphagia, hyperplasia, hypokalemia, hypothermia, kinesthesia, kleptomania, leukoplakia, megalomania, melancholia, memorabilia, menorrhagia, metasequoia, necrophilia, negrophobia, nymphomania, orthodontia, paresthesia, paronomasia, passacaglia, perionychia, photophobia, proteinuria, prothalamia, pseudopodia, psychedelia, quinquennia, rhizoctonia, sanguinaria, sansevieria, spermagonia, steatopygia, synesthesia, tachycardia, thalassemia12-letter wordsachlorhydria, armamentaria, balletomania, decalcomania, deuteranopia, encyclopedia, eosinophilia, galactosemia, gynecomastia, hyperkinesia, hyperlipemia, hyperpyrexia, hyperthermia, hypocalcemia, hypochondria, hypoglycemia, metacercaria, metrorrhagia, microfilaria, mitochondria, mycobacteria, neurasthenia, normothermia, onomatopoeia, osteomalacia, pancytopenia, paraesthesia, perichondria, pharmacopeia, phosphaturia, polycythemia, preeclampsia, prosopopoeia, quadriplegia, stichomythia, synaesthesia, technophobia, thalassaemia, tradescantia, zoosporangia13-letter wordsaminoaciduria, anisometropia, chondrocrania, cyanobacteria, dieffenbachia, disequilibria, encyclopaedia, hypercalcemia, hyperesthesia, hyperglycemia, hypermetropia, hyperuricemia, megasporangia, nonequilibria, panleukopenia, paraphernalia, pharmacopoeia, psychasthenia, schizophrenia, spermatogonia, syringomyelia, xerophthalmia14-letter wordsachondroplasia, archaebacteria, claustrophobia, computerphobia, corynebacteria, enterobacteria, hemoglobinuria, hyperaesthesia, hyperlipidemia, hypomagnesemia, intelligentsia, microsporangia, phantasmagoria, telangiectasia15-letter wordsoligodendroglia, phenylketonuria, pleuropneumonia, tachyarrhythmia16-letter wordsbronchopneumonia, thrombocytopenia17-letter wordsantischizophrenia, macroglobulinemia, methemoglobinemia, triskaidekaphobia18-letter wordsagammaglobulinemia, polychromatophilia20-letter wordshypercholesterolemia802 words found.