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For a while, iTunes did not have Beatle songs.

Now, this year December 2010, itunes has Beatle songs!!

Enjoy them, I know I am!!

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โˆ™ 2010-12-19 00:18:10
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Q: What is iTunes doing with the Beatles songs?
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Have they ever sold The Beatles on iTunes before?

A few years ago, give or take, they began selling Beatles songs on iTunes.

Why can you not find any Beatles' songs on iTunes?

uhh.... u can? :P

Why can't you buy beatles songs on iTunes?

According to Paul McCartney Beatles music is not available in download formats because the record company (EMI) has failed to negotiate a suitable deal. (See links below) This was resolved in 2010 and The Beatles songs are available from iTunes.

Where can one download the song Come Together by The Beatles?

The quickest, easiest, (and most legal) place to download Come Together by The Beatles is iTunes. Downloading iTunes is free and you will have access to a wide range of music including songs and albums by The Beatles.

Are The Beatles songs going to itunes?

For the moment they won't. There are licensing issues to be dealt with just as for Rock Band:Beatles

Can you hear songs from The Beatles?

Yes, but you can't buy any Beatles music on iTunes except for the stuff sang by "fake" beatles. You would need to buy a CD to listen to their music.

When will The Beatles be on iTunes?

The beatles are on iTunes now as of November 16, 2010. The main announcement on says that the Beatles are now on iTunes. You can't miss it.

What band was influential to Bon Jovi?

I believe they have several influences. 1 of them was The Beatles and if you look on youtube they did several Beatles's covers. They also have a podcast on iTunes on what songs influenced them.

When will The Beatles' music be on iTunes?

Actually, as of November 16, 2010 The Beatles' music will now be on iTunes.

Why can't you buy some of the Beatles' songs actually sang by the Beatles on iTunes?

I have heard that its because Micheal Jackson bought out all their songs and now that he is dead his kids own them. If Micheal was still alive the songs might be available, but his kids are too young to make the decision to put the music back on itunes. But...I have also heard that it is because of licensing problems with Beatles Rock Band. So I really have no idea when and if the songs will come back to itunes. If you can sit and wait until they do though, go ahead, but it not, you can always buy the cds then upload them onto your computer.

How do you download beatles songs on iPod?

The Beatles music is not available on iTunes. Therefore you have to get the new remastered discs for about $15 dollars each or the older Cd's. You can find them in target as well as on line

Why weren't The Beatles songs on Itunes?

Probably because their songs were so old they couldn't put them on or because they wanted you to buy the c.d's instead of paying $1.29 on an online application.

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