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What is in SO2?

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Sulfur+Oxygen= Sulfur Dioxide

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How many moles of SO2 is present in 0.45 grams of sulfur dioxide?

1 mole SO2 = 64.064g SO2 0.45g SO2 x 1mol SO2/64.064g SO2 = 0.0070 mole SO2

What is the formula for SO2?

SO2 = Sulfur dioxideSO2-2 = Hyposulfite ionSO2+2 = Sulfuryl ion

How many SO2 molecules are in 1.75 mol of SO2?

1.75 moles SO2 x 6.02x10^23 molecules SO2/mole SO2 = 1.05x10^24 molecules

What kind of bond is SO2?

Bonds in SO2 are covalent.Bonds between SO2 are dipole-dipole.

What is a organic molecule is this SO2?

SO2 is the chemical formula of sulfur dioxide; but SO2 is an inorganic compound.

How will SO2 H2O combine?

SO2 + H2O ==> H2SO3

What is the name of compound SO2?

SO2 is sulfur dioxide.

Is SO2 a compound or an element?

SO2 is a compound, not an element

What element or compound is SO2?

SO2 is Sulfur Dioxide.

How do you remove so2 from chimeny?

how to remove so2 from chimney

How do you calculate SO2 to SO3 conversion efficiency?

(Inlet SO2-Exit SO2)X100 ----------------------------- Inlet-(1.5xinletXExit)/100

What does So2 and h2o combine?

H2so3 so2 + h2o -> h2so3

What is So2?

Sulfur dioxide SO2 (written with two capitals)

What does SO2 mean?

disulfite is sodium and oxygen mix which is SO2

Is SO2 a liquid or a gas?

SO2 is a gas.It is sulphar dioxide.

Is so2 a strong base?

No, SO2 is a weakly acidic oxide.

Is SO2 a polar molecule?

yes, SO2 is a polar molecule

Why is so2 harmful?

SO2 is a acidic gas.It is a strong acid.

Is SO2 an organic molecule?

There is no carbon atoms.So SO2 is inorganic.

Is SO2 a polar bond?

SO2 contains polar sulfur-oxygen bonds, but no compound, such as SO2, is itself a bond at all.

What happen when SO2 reacts with H2O?

Sulphur Dioxide SO2, is the anhydride of Sulphurous Acid, H2SO3 SO2 + H2O = H2SO3

What does the compound SO2 stand for?

SO2 is the chemical formula of sulfur dioxide.

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