What is in blue Rolex ecstasy pills?


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Blue usually is mescaline a hallucinogen derived from peyote cacti all x is cut half with MDMA or molly so it is half mescaline and half molly

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Ecstasy pills are named differently by there potential or amount of MDMA. Some examples are blue monkeys, red monkeys, and more.

Black, grey, red, blue, and purple. so far

marijuana sleeping pills cocaine and ecstasy marijuana sleeping pills cocaine and ecstasy

There really is no way to know unless you were the one who actually made them. But it is just a type of ecstasy pill. The name usually depends on the shape, color, size, and stamps.

Yes. Thizz pills are the new name for ecstasy. But they are usually mixed with another substance rather than just the original form MDMA. Pure MDMA (Ecstasy) can comes in a white-ish powder. some thizz have little ecstacy & more of other subs. like the blue supermans are mostly LSD

Memory loss, side effects of drugs usually mixed in ecstasy pills, tolerance, depression

There's no way to truly tell because all ecstasy pills weigh a different amount. I suggest taking 1 ecstasy pill, weighing it, and then multiplying the weight until you get your answer.

ecstasy tablets are flown into the united states on international flights, vacuum sealed and sent via the mail service, and the chemical that ecstasy pills are supposed to contain is MDMA. MDMA is made in every part of the world. Far more often however drug dealers will just press a bunch of inert pills or pipirazine pills, which significantly simplifies the process of making money. ecstasy comes from everywhere. MDMA comes from honest chemists.

Ecstasy (MDMA) can act as a stimulant, hallucinogen, and entactogen. Also common impurities in ecstasy pills like amphetamines definitely are stimulates.

every 3 ecstasy pills you get caught with is one count of manslaughter. so times that by 5000 and theres your answer

E, XTC, MDMA, Pills, Rolls to name a few.

Yes, an example is in the treatment of PTSD clients. (see

Theres tons and tons of different types && colors. there red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, orange, etc and they go by names like..... yellow 007's blue telephone white pokeballs white butterfly blue rabbits yellow towers yellow stars && millions more && the effects vary on what the pills bases' are and how many stacks they are

You can never be sure unless you buy a drug testing kit. Composition of ecstasy pills change depending on where you live and what year they were made in. There are a lot of different illegal labs, and each lab has it's own composition for ecstasy pills. For more information, check out and added info, do not think that ecstasy is not addictive. while the chemical compound for E is not, in itself addicting, most pills that have come out in the last several years are cut with half heroin or cocaine, which may cause the experimenter to crash and crave when coming down.

Contents in ecstasy pills vary from pill to pill. There are no chemicals that are defined just by the looks/color. XTC pills can contain MDMA to Methamphetamine or even Heroin and Cocaine.

Ecstasy is MDMA and it is typically found in tablet form, but it can also be found in capsules with powder (frequently called Mollies) or as just powder. In almost all cases, if someone states that they have ecstasy, it is going to be in tablet form. Ecstasy pills come in a variety of different colors and frequently have a stamp on them. The pills are frequently referred to as whatever the stamp is (i.e. blue dolphins, green triangles, red mitsubishis, red cherries, pink peace signs, yellow smilies, etc).

MDMA, the chemical sought out in ecstasy pills, lasts for 4-6 hours with a positive glow afterward for a few hours followed frequently by a crash which can last a few days. If your particular ecstasy pills don't have MDMA in them than whatever the effects are can last for a very short or long time depending on the active chemical.

they can detect almost any drug or narcotic so yes.

The colored x pills are more potent yet more dangerous then the non colored pills. Try a triple stack thizz pill, you might die but itll be fun.

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