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What is in hell?


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December 09, 2009 9:02AM

Hell can be perceived as the fictional pit of lava at the earth's core, created to instill fear in the minds of gullible believers in fairytales. It is the opposite of the North Pole that was created for another fictional character called Santa Claus.

The actual Hell is the unjust punishment imposed upon many unfortunate children on this earth who are inflicted with disabilities, Aids, and other diseases or like those that are condemned to lives of poverty and desperation. Hell is what innocent victims experience at the hands of vicious criminals, terrorists and bigots.

Theologically speaking...

The above answer is very true in a way as it describes the sort of 'hell' that some religious leaders have imposed on the gullible and vulnerable, and, contrary to the above is even less believeable than Santa Claus! (at least Santa Claus, as St Nicholas, was a real person - Bishop of Myra in Turkey!)

Theologically, Hell is mentioned in scripture and was certainly believed in by Jesus Christ - but not that firery pit of suffering. The Hell of old Bosch paintings where the devil, horned, fork-tailed and pushing people into a fire does not exist and is a medieval invention.

Bibically and theologically, hell is a different place altogether. It is better, perhaps, to say what is not in hell. Biblically and theologically, Hell is simply a place or state of being where God is not present. If you can imagine a state of being where there is nothing good, wholesome, trustworthy, loving, joyous or any other positive attitude or characteristic - then that is hell.

This hell, as the above answer describes, is caused by human sin, and can be experienced up to a point on earth. I say 'up to a point' as at least on earth there are glimpses of goodness and love even in the midst of the worst crime, terrorism and bigotry in the faces and deeds of rescue workers, doctors, nurses, the police and anyone offering comfort or help. However, in 'hell' nothing good survives at all. There is simply absolutely no hope.

Hell can also be experienced too after death. Most religions (not just Christianity) believe that by denying God here on earth, there will be a certainty of denying him after death. Therefore any absence of God after death results in a hell of that person's own making and not as a 'punishment' by a vindictive supreme being.