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Answer: Maybe he thinks he's immature or inexperienced at love or dating and thinks that a younger woman is more like his equal. I believe really young women are probably happier than older women because they've probably experienced less problems and stress in their young lives. Older women, I think, are obsessed with men's money and the belief that money can buy happiness. As to how he should pursue her, I don't know. Part would depend on their ages, I think. If you're talking about a guy who's in his 20's, 30's, or 40's dating a woman who's barely legal age 19 or whatever, maybe they should keep it a secret. He could be accused by others of being a cradle-robber. However, it's taken lightly when done by celebrities. I don't necessarily believe the older person in a so-called May-December romance is a predator. It could be a learning experience for both.

Answer: I think an older guy could be interested in a relationship with a younger woman if she has very small breasts. Let's say she has size A or B cup breasts. I'm not an expert, but maybe she's age 20 and has a hard time meeting any guys her age for a relationship. I'm a guy age 47 and consider myself immature at relationships. When I was 20, and up till about 5 years ago, I was determined that I would not settle for a girlfriend with small breasts (size A or B) or even medium sized breasts (size C). I believed I'd just leave these women for some other guys, or else if no guys wanted these women, then they could just never get married. Lately, I've been thinking it was very immature to think like that. So I'm wondering, if it took me until age 45 to accept a 20 year old woman with small breasts as a suitable date, if that means I'm 25 years behind in maturity?

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Should the older or younger woman extend her hand?

The younger woman

What does it mean when a Girl becomes a Cougar when their older than a Guy?

It means the older woman is very attractive and all guys (younger than her and older than her) find her attractive and want to pursue her.

Why harry styles flirt with only who is older than him?

he flirts with younger ones to.... but if he likes older woman more then he does..... :) I LOVE HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!

Why are younger women treated so poorly by older women?

Because younger woman are Sexy than older woman

When Marriage of younger men with older women?

A marriage between a younger man and older woman is not as easily accepted as that of a younger woman and older man. When a younger man marries and older woman, there are still some people who assume money is involved and it may not be a marriage based on love.

Can a older woman marry a younger man?


How can you tell if an older man hes 38 im 20 really likes you for you or if its just the ego boost and thrill of having a younger woman?

I've got the same question. I'm 18, and he's 25... i think it's the younger woman thing...

What is a younger man seeking older woman called?


What do you call a younger man who dates an older woman?


What is a cougar women?

An older woman trying to be with a younger guy

Why do younger men have affair with older women?

ANSWER:In my opinion the reason why younger man goes for an older woman is about being experience in sex, especially if she is married. Second its all about how this older or mature woman will make him feel very special that he doesn't get from a younger woman. Last but not the least its about relationship, if the woman is married, he knows he doesn't need to commit with her, after all she is married.

What is it called when 20 something woman likes a younger man?


What do you call a man that likes older women?

In South Jersey slang, a man who likes an older woman is called a "James Harrington".

What does the word cougar mean on a tattoo?

Older woman with younger lovers..

What do they call older woman dating younger guys?

They call them cougar's

Who is the older woman in the ATT yardsale ad?

I don't know what her name is, but I think the older woman and the younger woman in the yardsale ad are mother and daughter in real life.

What do you call a younger man dating an older woman?

'Cougar' is the common slang term used for an older woman who dates a younger man. The man in the relationship can sometimes be referred to as the 'cub' but the term is not quite as prevalent.

Who do older men have affairs with?

young and pretty women that tend to give up lots of attention and appreciate them more^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The above answer is false. The reason older men are attracted to younger women is because a younger woman not only helps him feel younger but also boosts his ego. The younger woman is a trophy.This can also be said of older women pursuing younger men but it's not as common.

Would an older man like a younger chubby woman?

I don't see why not :)

What do you call a older woman who like younger men?

They're known as "cougars."

What do you call a woman who likes older man?

for money? gold digger

If an older woman dating younger man called a cougar what would is an older man dating younger women called?

Cradle Robber edit: cradle robber is for either sex dateing a younger than legal age person. Sugar Daddy is older guy with younger woman. other answers are: lucky ba$t4rd horny old goat pervert

Older woman younger man?

Not as accepted in our society as old man+young woman but there's nothing wrong with it.

What do you do on a first date with an older woman?

Same as you should do with a younger woman, treat her with respect, be polite, listen to her when she talks.

What do you call an older woman who dates a younger man?

I think it's called a cougar