What is in the mind of an older guy if he likes a younger woman and how does he pursue?

Answer: Maybe he thinks he's immature or inexperienced at love or dating and thinks that a younger woman is more like his equal. I believe really young women are probably happier than older women because they've probably experienced less problems and stress in their young lives. Older women, I think, are obsessed with men's money and the belief that money can buy happiness. As to how he should pursue her, I don't know. Part would depend on their ages, I think. If you're talking about a guy who's in his 20's, 30's, or 40's dating a woman who's barely legal age 19 or whatever, maybe they should keep it a secret. He could be accused by others of being a cradle-robber. However, it's taken lightly when done by celebrities. I don't necessarily believe the older person in a so-called May-December romance is a predator. It could be a learning experience for both.

Answer: I think an older guy could be interested in a relationship with a younger woman if she has very small breasts. Let's say she has size A or B cup breasts. I'm not an expert, but maybe she's age 20 and has a hard time meeting any guys her age for a relationship. I'm a guy age 47 and consider myself immature at relationships. When I was 20, and up till about 5 years ago, I was determined that I would not settle for a girlfriend with small breasts (size A or B) or even medium sized breasts (size C). I believed I'd just leave these women for some other guys, or else if no guys wanted these women, then they could just never get married. Lately, I've been thinking it was very immature to think like that. So I'm wondering, if it took me until age 45 to accept a 20 year old woman with small breasts as a suitable date, if that means I'm 25 years behind in maturity?