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We know "inappropriate" can be a bit subjective, so if you're wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain!

Remember - staying safe online should be your priority while surfing the 'net. By removing inappropriate content, we are doing our part in keeping our community safe!

What is considered "inappropriate" subject matter on Answers?
Any question that is asking for answers that contains any of the following:

1. Questions providing personal information (this is for your safety - both the question asker AND the answerer).

2. Items for sale or wanted to buy, using the website as an online market place. You may want to try eBay instead!

3. Questions designed to promote plagiarism, as in cut-and-paste. For example, directly copying a question from a Penn Foster exam.

4. Lists or examples of curse or swear words.

5. Questions of a sexual nature. We recognize that there are legitimate questions about this subject, but since this is an educational site that is allowed at many schools, we ask you to go to other legitimate places to find good answers to those questions. WebMD, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.gov), kidshealth.org/en/teens/sexual-health, and many other places offer accurate information.

6. Questions designed to be inflammatory, with little or no informational value.

7. Questions about how to join a gang or other criminal organization. We believe in peace!

8. Questions asking for usernames, passwords, or accounts on any internet community website.
a) If you are asking about an online game, try asking for tips on how to get an item or how to get to the next level, instead of just asking for their item or account.
b) In the case of email - to keep users safe, we don't allow questions asking for email addresses or passwords. We suggest you create your own email account with your own password.
c) Finally, asking for passwords for servers and admin accounts on websites is considered an attempt at hacking, which is a federal offense.

9. Questions asking for master passwords to a computer. We have no way of knowing if the computer was stolen, you are trying to break into one, or if it is actually yours.

10. Questions pertaining to any illegal activity.

11. Questions pertaining to illegal drugs.

If you believe the question you asked is appropriate please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com (no spaces) with the exact question you asked and why you believe it is acceptable.
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Are certain subjects disallowed on WikiAnswers?

Taboo Subjects No subject is entirely disallowed, but we do need to prohibit certain questions that could be considered obscene, grossly offensive, or illegal. For more on this subject, see the Terms of Service. If you have additional input on topics, please send a message via the Contact Us fo ( Full Answer )

What is subject matter of Logic?

One eminent philosopher has given a direct response to this question. Namely, Ludwig Wittgenstein contended that Logic is about the boundaries of reality. Although it's not necessary, perhaps we should say a little about Wittgenstein's professor and the eminent philosopher Bertrand Russell. Accor ( Full Answer )

What is the subject matter of insurance?

In General, SME means Subject Matter Experts. Subject Matter of Insurance is expert in insurance domain business. So you might ask what is the difference between BA - business and SME in insurance. BA will be knowing only the insurance business term but a SME will be able to say the whole business. ( Full Answer )

What subject matter is not appropriate for WikiAnswers?

If you believe the question you asked is appropriateplease e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com (no spaces) with theexact question you asked and why you believe it isacceptable. Inappropriate Subject Matter on WikiAnswers Any question that is asking for answers that contains any of thefollowi ( Full Answer )

What subject matter was used by Rembrandt?

Excerpt, and some sites: Rembrandt's subject matter was as diverse as Amsterdam and he etched myriad intimate observations from everyday life including scenes of beggars, children, animals, and various people at their professions. Many of these "genre" pieces capture the same psychological intense ( Full Answer )

What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers - Non-English Language version?

Inappropriate Subject Matter (Non-English Language Version) . Asking for and giving answers that contain: . unlawful or illegal information, like how to break into vehicles or for codes that are meant to be purchased, or how to get someone else's password. . information that can be harmful , ( Full Answer )

How do you report an inappropriate response to WikiAnswers?

Tell one of your supervisors who it was and say that they gave you an inappropriate response. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/WikiFAQs:The_WikiAnswers_Super_Team You can also click on the 'Report abuse' link (in red) above the question

What is the subject matter?

subject matter is what the person works about. For example an artist, what the artist paints about

Subject matter of solicitation?

solicitation means 'urgently asking'. It is the action or instance of soliciting ; petition or proposal and here insurance is subject matter of solicitation means it can be asked by suggestion ; prposal

Why does WikiAnswers have inappropriate answers?

Inapropriate answers are given by users who just want to mess up the site and ruin WikiAnswer's reputation. That is why Vandal Patrol and Supervisors are always on the look out to eliminate these vandals, or "perpetrators". It's just because users think it is fun to write down inappropriate content, ( Full Answer )

The subject matter of dickens work?

To be honest i don't know but if you go on to GOOGLE it WILL show up.. Hiiiii mum i am on wiki answers!!!!!!!

What was the subject of matter for Charles Dickens?

Gifted (or burdened) with a strong sense of justice, Dickens always wrote with social and personal injustice in mind. Examine everything he wrote and a protest or expose of a social wrong (the class system, the judicial system, etc.) will be apparent. He primarily used London was his 'canvas' (even ( Full Answer )

What is the subject matter of a book?

The subject matter is what the book is about . So if you have a book on, say, Winston Churchill, he is the subject matter.

What is inappropriate for WikiAnswers?

There is a complete list of WikiAnswers guidelines in the Help Center: * Community Guidelines* Dispute Resolution* Community Etiquette* Religion & Spirituality Guidelines* Cyberbullying* Privacy Policy * Terms of Use * Plagiarism Policy* What spammers and vandals need to knowView the full list a ( Full Answer )

How do you browse questions on WikiAnswers according to subject?

\nFirst, you must click on the 'WikiAnswers.com' link at the top left hand corner of any given page on WikiAnswers.com. Then, if you look towards the right side of the page, you will see a title that says 'browse our 4,000 categories'. Under that title, there are other main categories. You can cl ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't WikiAnswers block inappropriate questions?

WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-All', and it stores all of the inappropriate questions so when a user types in an inappropriate question that has already bee ( Full Answer )

What is inappropriate behavior on WikiAnswers?

Here are some examples of inappropriate behavior on the site that will be not tolerated: . Cursing and inappropriate language . Making fun of a user on his/her message board . Inappropriate questions and answers . Cyberbullying

Why does WikiAnswers allow inappropriate answers?

Please keep in mind that WikiAnswers is a wiki Q&A, and as such, anyone can edit answers, questions, alternates, and whatnot (Guests can only answer questions/edit answers to questions.). There are several reasons why people would write inappropriate answers, most of them being vandalism. However, ( Full Answer )

How can you separate an inappropriately merged question on WikiAnswers?

Well, if it is a rude question you can simpley go to the little button on the top right hand screen. Its called [Improve]. You can change the question etc. Click on the link "Edit Alternates" on the left hand side of the browser pane. This will show up all available alternate wordings for a questi ( Full Answer )

How do you report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers?

To report inappropriate usernames, you have two alternate choices. One way is to click on the link below to go to the Community Forum in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' section. Create a new topic and that is where you can report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers. The other method is to ( Full Answer )

Destruction of the subject matter of the contract?

You agree to sell your kidney for $10,000 Crazy Cannibal Carl accepts your contract and signs it. Doctor Dumb removes the kidney and promptly decides to eat it. ( Destruction of Subject Matter - Since The doctor destroyed the subject matter of your contract Crazy cannibal carl is no longer obl ( Full Answer )

What is Goya's subject matter?

Goya's goal in his painting was to display all the evil in the world. He was the court painter for King Carlos IV of Spain, and he did not think much of the king of the court. His paintings condemned their decadent lives. He also was reputed to have had an affair with La Duquessa de Alba. He painted ( Full Answer )

Are inappropriate questions on WikiAnswers deleted?

Only questions that are potentially harmful (e.g. contain a full name of a non-celebrity, telephone number etc.) or are very unlikely to be asked again (such a repeatedly using SPAM words in the question title) are deleted. Questions that are inappropriate for the site but may be asked again are pla ( Full Answer )

What is subject matter of demography?

Demography is one of the areas of study connected with sociology. Usefull for comparative purposes of past ,present and future population indicators. Past, present and expected future patterns of population are..

What is psychology and subject matter of psychology.?

Psychology in contains the study of behavior. It is the study of the brain and emotions, behaviors. It seeks to explain and understand behavior, emotion, and the brain. Schools of Thought: Structuralism Functionalism Psychoanalysis Behaviorism Humanism

How do you flag a question as inappropriate on WikiAnswers?

There are two ways to flag a question on WikiAnswers. You can click on the report abuse button below the question or you can click on "flag" in the blue toolbar at the left of the screen. This will bring up a box that lets you select why you are flagging the question or answer.

What is a subject matter?

Subject matter is what an art work has been created about. For example if you were to have a painting of a cow, then the subject matter is a cow.

What is the subject matter of political economy?

Political economy studies political processes through the application of rational choice theory and economic methods. It understands the world using a primarily individual, self-maximising framework and focuses heavily on political institutions and their effect on economic outcomes.

What is the subject matter of Mahabharata?

The "cheer haran" of Draupadi and Duryodhan refused to give even 5 villages to Pandavs ignited the mahabharat The "ADHARAM" had to be defeated, thus the war was destined .

What is the scope and subject matter of geography?

scope of geography is the range of subjects in which are covered by geography as a discipline. subject matter of geography is the all about geography or parts of geography, for example topical or physical geography and regional o human geography.

What is the subject matter of Naruto DVDs?

Naruto DVDs contain Japanese animated series 'Naruto'. They are often refereed to as 'anime' and are directed at a wide range of audiences. Anime Naruto is aimed at teenage and younger audiences, however this may be dependent on the series. The English series is known to be aimed at younger audience ( Full Answer )

What is the subject matter of Higham Press?

Higham Press prints materials related to dogs and dog shows, including every major UK Championship Show at one time or another. Their show-related services include schedules, catalogues, show accounting, mailing exhibitors passes, and results service. They also publish a variety of general books.

What is inappropriate subject matter for romeo and juliet prologue?

What is "inappropriate" depends entirely on who you are and what your ideas of propriety are. If you are a complete moron, you might think that the line "in fair Verona where we lay our scene" is inappropriate because it uses the word "lay". Yes, the prologue does refer twice to the fact that Rome ( Full Answer )

What is inappropriate subject matter for art?

This answer depends very much on who you ask. Some people think artneeds to be contreversial, the more people find it inappropriatethe better. What is inappropriate can also depend very much on theaudience, college classrooms woudl be able to discuss morecontreversial subject matter than elementary ( Full Answer )