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This listing is from a booklet titled "Where to Eat and Sleep in Chicagoland" by Marie C. Pedderson (1947): "HENRICI'S, 71 W Randolph St and 222 N Bank (Merchandise Mart), Ph[one] Randolph St Dearborn 1800, Merchandise Mart Whitehall 8525. These two Henrici's restaurants are a landmark in Chicago. The first one was opened about 1868 and they have earned well their reputation of always serving quality foods. I know that you will be well pleased with whatever you may choose to order. If their breads and pastries appeal to you, you may purchase some to take home. Daily, 8:00 AM to midnight. A la carte ser vice. AC [Air-conditioned) L [Liquor served]." Also, if you search Henrici's Restaurant on GOOGLE you will find some mentions, including old postcards showing Henrici's. Answer Some items I found regarding Henrici's: · The room at 71 West Randolph Street opened in 1894 and closed in 1962. · It seated 500 diners. · Its bakery was famous and featured German almond cake, chocolate éclairs and "mouth-watering linzer tart." · Henrici's also served "finnan haddie." Answer I had the pleasure of working for Henrici's in the 70's. I was hired by the John R. Thompson Company that owned both the Red Balloon Coffee houses, Holloway House Cafeterias and Henrici's. I started at the Red balloon and was transferred to Henrici's at the airport where it was inside a Hotel complex. There was an all day dining room and large dining room open in the evenings and the "Golden Barrel" where there was entertainment nightly. I remember Galen playing there quite often. Galen had a great flair for the piano, jewelry, furs and showmanship. Liberace was a bit more conservative in his stage presence than Galen. The menu in the main dining room was an update of the gracious dining heritage of Henrici's. Steaks, pork chops, lobster and prime rib on the weekends. Wonderful appetizers included escargot, soups and Cesar salads prepared at tableside. Their wine list was very good in a time before the wide acceptance of wine with meals. Desserts ah yes again as part of the gracious dining since 1868 experience there were flaming deserts including bananas Foster and cherries jubilee. That is where I learned to cook crepes and many other culinary delights. I was transferred to the downtown Merchandise Mart location where I remained for some time. The dining room was only open for lunch and the adjoining lounge was open till 9PM or perhaps as late as 11PM depending on activity. We had a pianist in the lounge once or twice a week starting at 5PM and served hors d'oeuvres. Lunch was lighter than the dinner menu at the airport with more fish, small steaks, ground sirloin and large Sandwiches. We had a great Ruben piled high with corned beef served with German potato Salad, a grilled Monte Cristo and the BLT was popular. One lunch special that was only on the special menu on rare occasion was the half pound of ground sirloin with a good two ounces of blue cheese inside the broiled beef. Shrimp salads and soup rounded out the menu. Desserts were served without flame or fanfare but did include Crème Brule made fresh daily. Johnny was the Chef and he was the youngest curmudgeon I ever knew but he was great in managing the kitchen. There were times when one of the line cooks would not show up and I was thrown into the back of the house. I thought I knew a lot about cooking but Johnny taught me more on any given day than a semester of books. Chicago is where I met my wife and I will always remember Chicago and Henrici's as some of the best times of my life. Answer I also worked at Henrici's on Randolph Street around 1960. Before that time I had worked for the John R. Thompson Company at the Henrici's in the Merchandise Mart and also at the Holloway House Restaurant (the old "Sally's") in Skokie. "Mr. Van" worked Henrici's front door as the greeter in the evening for many years. A tall, suave grey-haired gentelman. He taught me how to brush off the "bums" that occassionally drifted in by increasing the speed of the revolving door off Randolph Street. There was a bakery in the front of the restaurant that was sold to a bakery chain (Burney?) in the later years. Henrici's was known for serving coffee with a side of whipped cream and charging an unheard of price of $1.00 per cup! They also had a great cheesecake which was available with a strawberry topping if you prefered. My favorite entree was the whitefish which I ate every night I worked. The luncheon hostess knew every judge in town who came over from the courthouse at lunch time to occupy their favorite table. If your interested in Henrici's menus, I donated a full series of them to the Hotel School at Cal Poly Pomona in Pomona, California. They may still have them on file and would be fun for you to see. Answer There was a Henrici's in the Ramada Inn on Mannheim road and also one in Northbrook on Skokie Blvd. They were famous for flaming food at your table and serving whipped cream in your coffee. Answer In the late 1940s and the 1950s my uncle took me to Henrici's to have the most delicious rice pudding ever fashioened by the hand of man. Answer Henrici's was famous for serving real whipped cream in your coffee. They would spoon it in for you.

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Q: What is information on Henrici Restaurant in Chicago?
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