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Rock, Hot Rock, Liquid and metal

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Q: What is inside the earth?
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You are inside the Earth or on the Earth?

you are on earth

Are we on the earth or inside the earth?


Is there a black hole inside the Earth?

No, there is no black hole inside the Earth.

Is earth inside the asteroid belt?

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

How hot is the inside of Earth and what is the hottest temperature inside the Earth?

temperature is 8000К

Is Earth inside or outside of the asteroid belt?

The earth is inside the asteroid belt.

What material is inside the earth?


How do you know what is inside the earth?

we know whats inside the earth because there is earthquake wave

What are the three forces inside the earth?

Gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces are inside the earth.

Why are coal mines deep inside the earth?

because coal is deep inside the earth

How many moon can fit inside earth?

42 moons can fit inside Earth

What is water from a natural hot spring warmed by inside the earth?

magma inside the earth

What is deep inside the earth?

Deep inside the earth is a huge molten core of Iron

What is heat from inside the earth called?

Heat from inside the Earth is called geothermal heat.

xzxwhat does the inside of earth look like?


What changes rock inside earth?

the earth

What is the wind in earth?

There is no wind inside the earth.

Where is the core in earth?

deep inside the earth

Hot melted rock that is inside the Earth is called?

Magma is molten rock inside the Earth.

Whats the temperature inside the Earth?

whats the temperture inside earth

What is the point inside earth where movement from inside an earthquake first occurs?

The point inside the earth where movement from inside an earthquake first occurs is known as the focus or hypocenter.

Is the inside of the moon as hot as the inside of the earth?

No, the inside of the moon is solid and cold.

How many times can the earth fit inside the sun?

how many times can the earth fit inside the sun

What does high temperatures inside earth form?

melted rocks are formed when there are high temperatures inside earth.

What does earth core mean?

the inside of the earth. In the middle.