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Mount Rainier

What is interesting about the Mt Rainier volcano?

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What is the landforn of mt rainier?

Mt. Rainier is a volcano.

Is mt rainier a shield volcano?

No. Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano.

What type of volcano is mt rainier?

it is a composite volcano

What type of cone does mt rainier have?

Mount Rainier is a composite volcano.

Is mt rainier composite or shield?

Mount Rainier is a composite volcano.

Is Mt Rainier an active volcano?

Mt.Rainier is an active volcano

What volcano caused mt rainier to form?

Mount Rainier is the volcano that formed the mountain. They are one in the same.

Is mt rainier a volcano?

Yes. It is a stratovolcano.

What volcanoes formed mt rainier?

Mount Rainier is itself a volcano. It was not formed by other volcanoes.

Is Mt Rainier an explosive volcano?

Yes. Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano with the potential to produce explosive eruptions.

Is mt rainer a cinder cone volcano?

No. Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano.

What type of plate boundary is creating Mt Rainier?

A convergent plate boundary is responsible for creating the volcano Mount Rainier. This volcano is located in Washington, near Seattle.

Why is Mt Rainier smaller then it used to be?

There once was an explosion that made Mt. Rainier volcano smaller. There is very little erosion because the top is always snow covered.

Does Washington have a volcano?

If you are asking about the state of Washington there is Mt. St. Helens. There is also mt. baker, adams, and rainier.

Is mt rainier a composite or a stratovolcano?

It is both. A stratovolcano and a composite volcano are the same thing.

Contential US tallest volcano?

Mt. Rainier elevation 14,410 ft. Still active. Located in Mt. Rainier National Park, state of Washington, 54 miles southeast of Seattle.

Is Mount Rainier a volcano?

Yes. Mount Rainier is a volcano.

How was mt rainier formed?

Mount Rainier was formed by fire and ice. It is a volcano located in Washington state. It is 14,410 feet above sea level.

Are there tapeworms at Mt Rainier national park?

NO there are no tapeworms at mt. rainier.

What type of lava and characteriscics in mt rainier?

Mt. Rainier has granitic and basaltic lava types. It is a stratovolcano or composite volcano. The volcano has 26 major glaciers and 36 snowfields on it. Also, it has a glacier cave network, the world's largest, made from the heat from two volcanic craters. Arelativelysmall crater lake sit on Mt. Rainier. The lake is the highest elevation lake in North America. This volcano has dangerous lahars, because of its many glaciers and river paths. The convergent boundary of the North American and Juan de Fuca plate caused Mt. Rainier to form.

Is Mount Rainier a composite volcano?

Yes. Mount Rainier is a composite volcano.

How many glaciers are in on mt Rainier?

There are 26 major glaciers on Mt Rainier.

What is the most active volcano in the cascade mountains?

Most likely that would be Mt St Helens, but Mt Rainier is getting a little uppity, as well.

What cities are close to Mt Rainier?

the nearest city to Mt Rainier is Seatle,Washington

What was the power of Mt Rainier on the richter scale?

It has no power on the Richter scale. Mount Rainier is a volcano, not an earthquake. The Richter scale is used to rate earthquakes, not volcanoes or volcanic eruptions.

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